Guided Sake Tasting & 1-Hour All-You-Can-Drink in Shibuya

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Experience Details
Experience Location
1.5 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 4 guests
Wheelchair Accessible
Japanese, English
With sake
Enjoy a sake tasting at futuristic Kubota Sake Bar in Shibuya! Try different varieties of sake from all over Japan, learn insights from a sake expert, and enjoy all-you-can-drink sake for 1 hour.


Taste 5 types of sake from all over Japan and learn about their flavor notes from a sake expert.
Try snacks that go well with sake and enjoy conversation with your guide during an hour of free-flowing sake post-tasting.
This experience takes place at a futuristic sake bar that uses AI to help visitors find sake they’ll love! The Kubota Sake Bar is on the B1 floor of Shibuya Parco, only 5 min from Shibuya Station.
Learn fascinating insights about the world of Japanese sake from Eriko, a sake expert who has traveled all over Japan to see how sake is made!
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 10 meals

Experience Details

Experience the rich flavors of sake and understand its cultural significance in this unique sake-tasting and all-you-can-drink sake experience in Shibuya! Head to Kubota Sake Bar on the basement floor of Shibuya Parco and taste five kinds of sake from various regions of Japan. Immerse yourself in the smoothness and variety of aromas guided by Eriko, a fellow sake-lover and knowledgeable expert. What is the difference between junmai, ginjo, and namazake? Should sake be served chilled or warm? What makes premium sake so special? Ask all your burning questions and educate your palate with Eriko's insights. Experience flow: -Meet your host at Kubota Sake Bar in Shibuya. -Taste 5 different kinds of sake with Eriko, who will teach you how to appreciate flavor notes in each one. -Enjoy snacks (otsumami) that pair deliciously with sake, while your host shares fascinating details about sake production. -Enjoy all-you-can-drink sake while you talk with the host (1 hour). Eriko, a sake lover, has traveled extensively both in and outside Japan. She will share anecdotes about sake breweries she's visited, many of which are in rural areas surrounded by rice fields or in historic towns. You can imagine how sake masters brew varieties following the local traditions, passing down the knowledge from generation to generation. Taste their dedication in every cup and find your next favorite sake in this unique experience! This experience takes place at an innovative and modern space operated by Kubota, a renowned sake brewery from Niigata, one of Japan’s prime sake-producing regions. Offering guests a wide variety of Kubota sake, the bar prides itself in honoring long-standing sake traditions while embracing the latest technologies — for instance, they use AI to recommend sake varieties based on your preferences. After the experience, you can visit their shop and take home a few bottles of your favorite sake.


5 glasses of sake during the tasting session
All-you-can-drink sake (1 hour)
English-speaking sake expert


Transportation to and from the meeting point
Additional food and drinks

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

Go to Kubota Sake Bar in Shibuya Parco (5 min from Shibuya Station). More detailed information and a Google Maps link will be provided upon booking.


Please note that the minimum drinking age in Japan is 20 years old.
Please drink responsibly.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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Over 14 million residents call Tokyo home. Functioning as Japan's economic and cultural center, it's no surprise the metropolis often appears at the top of travelers' bucket lists. Here, you can find everything from traditional tea houses to futuristic skyscrapers.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 10 meals