Tokyo Bars and Mixology with Whisky, Sake, and Food Pairings

from ¥ 29,600 per guest - 3 hours

Private Drinks with a Geisha in a Tokyo Teahouse

from ¥ 10,897 per guest - 1.5 hours

Tokyo Sake Tasting Experience

from ¥ 5,500 per guest - 1 hour

Flavors of Japan Food Tour with Wagashi

from ¥ 18,000 per guest - 3 hours

Virtual Teatime with Japanese Green Tea Expert in Japan

from ¥ 1,650 per guest - 1 hour

Mixology Mixer: Online Happy Hour in Japan

from ¥ 1,650 per guest - 1 hour

Tokyo Tastings

Tokyo is a foodie playground of delicious flavors and tantalizing drinks! Are you a bit of a whisky buff? Or maybe are you more of a miso connoisseur? Whatever flavor floats your boat, you can taste the best of Japanese sake samples, whisky, wine, and more with one of our Tokyo tastings. These are exciting tasting experiences in Tokyo such as Tokyo sake tastings where you can become the next expert as you learn more in-depth about a range of different Japanese drinks. You can sample beverages like Japanese sake or different types of local tea, or even compare soup broths and sauces to become a pro in the condiment-guessing circuit (a useful skill when you dine out in the capital)!

Tastings in Tokyo can also offer insights about where each product is made, with a local guide to explain all about the secret ingredients and signature styles of different makers. Taste the best of Tokyo and join one of our Tokyo tastings for an immersive, full-flavor experience. Besides, when it comes to tasting, more is more!