Sushi Making Class Near Nishiki Market (Kyoto)

Organized by Junna and Team
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Experience Details
Experience Location
1.5 hours
Number of Guests
2 - 10 guests
Stroller Accessible, Family-friendly
Vegan, Vegetarian
Craft artistic, eye-catching sushi pieces with fresh ingredients and local seasonings in this quintessential Kyoto cooking class conveniently close to Gion and Nishiki Market.


Learn to make three kinds of sushi (nigiri, temari, and temaki), dashimaki tamago (Kyoto-style rolled omelet), and miso soup
Discover the tangy, flavorful, and umami-filled flavors of Kyoto’s local seasonings as you taste local miso, soy sauce, dashi soup stock, and vinegar
Enjoy your meal with soft drinks, coffee, and dessert (sake and beer are also available for purchase)
Receive expert advice on seasonal activities and sightseeing in Kyoto from your host, a local tourism expert
This kitchen studio is conveniently located less than 10 minutes by train from Kyoto Station, near Nishiki Market and Gion
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals

Experience Details

Full of rich umami flavors, soy sauce and miso paste are classic Kyoto specialties. Japan's old capital is home to several breweries that produce a wide variety of seasonings, which have preserved their fermentation and brewing methods for decades, if not centuries. In this creative sushi-making class, you'll sample a variety of Kyoto's traditional flavors as you learn the craft of sushi-making from local instructors. After a welcome drink, you'll learn about Japan's food culture before you get hands-on in making dashimaki tamago, a Kyoto-style savory rolled omelet, miso soup, and three different kinds of sushi: nigiri, temari, and temaki. Let your creativity shine as you experiment with other ingredients and combinations to craft artistic sushi pieces with help from your host. All ingredients are fresh and sourced from reputable vendors to ensure their quality. You'll also taste dashi broth and learn about the vinegar used for sushi rice, soy sauce, and miso from Kyoto. Once your meal is ready, you'll sit at the table to enjoy it. This is not just a meal but a chance to engage in conversation with other guests and your host, a Kyoto tourism specialist who can provide unique insights about what to see, do, and eat while in the old capital. After the meal, enjoy coffee and dessert before continuing to explore the city. The class is in central Kyoto near Gion and Nishiki Market, only a few minutes from Kyoto Station by train, and makes for a perfect stop in any travel itinerary. Enjoy learning about sushi and Kyoto's food culture in this unique hands-on experience.


All ingredients and utensils to make miso soup, dashimaki tamago rolled omelet, and three types of sushi (nigiri, temari, and temaki), as well as miso soup, soft drinks, coffee, and dessert
Printed recipes to take home
Sushi-making lecture in a well-equipped kitchen with a large monitor


Transportation fees to and from the venue
Alcoholic beverages (sake and beer) available for purchase for an additional fee

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

Meet your host at the venue, Sushi Lab. by Sumaya, only 7 minutes from Kyoto Station by train, or a short walk from Shijo Station or Nishiki Market. Address: 284 Shimogyo Ward, Ogisakayacho, Kyoto Google Maps link:


If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please specify so at the time of booking.
If you would like to participate on days that don’t appear as available in the calendar, please inquire.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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Featuring beautiful landscapes from mountain to sea, Kyoto Prefecture conveys traditional Japanese culture through its architecture and gardens, art and artisanal crafts, and delicious local cuisine made from regional produce.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals