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Private Meal in Tatami Room with Japanese Dance Performance
¥ 35,000
 per guest
¥ 35,000
per guest
ID 292

Private Meal in Tatami Room with Japanese Dance Performance

For a cozy and private gathering, small groups can celebrate a special occasion or simply treat themselves at this restaurant, which specializes in seafood and sake (with an in-house sake sommelier).
2 hours
Minimum of 2 guests
Japanese - English
When you attend this experience
byFood will 
donate ¥ 250
Bring a loved one for an intimate evening or a small group for a cozy get-together at this specialty restaurant, known for creative seafood cuisine and a carefully-curated lineup of sake from across Japan. You’ll be brought to your own private tatami mat room, where you can indulge in a simple but elegant course meal composed of traditional Japanese dishes. Chef Hirata’s restaurant has a commitment to using ingredients that are at their peak, so the meal will emphasize delicious seasonal seafood and produce. Since the menu is constantly changing to reflect the best of the current season, there is no set menu (an example menu is provided below). This restaurant also offers an array of both popular regional sake and brands from small breweries, personally picked by Chef Hirata, the restaurant’s owner and licensed sake sommelier. While food is Chef Hirata’s art, the restaurant also features performances by Japanese dancers and musicians to captivate your eyes, ears, and imagination. Immerse yourself in the invigorating motions of the evening’s entertainment, a creative performance that borrows from both traditional Japanese and modern dance. Chef Hirata’s restaurant offers a feast for all the senses!
Relax and enjoy a private meal, in the intimate and traditional tatami room
Sip the licensed sake sommelier’s top pick for the evening
Indulge in a course meal of classic izakaya dishes
Enjoy a rousing dance performance that combines both traditional and contemporary dance techniques to exciting live music
Private tatami room on the second floor
Japanese dance and musical instrument performance
Japanese izakaya course meal
Japanese sake
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
4-minute walk from Oji Station (Tokyo Metro)
Please note that the English ability of the chef/staff is limited, but there are English materials available
The legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years old and non-alcoholic beverages will be served to those under age
Experience Location:
Tokyo’s Kita Ward is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, and lies in the northeast. This charming area boasts stunning shrines like the Oji Inari Shrine (known for the fox parade), lovely parks such as the cherry blossom-lined Asukayama Park, and fun museums and art galleries like the Paper Museum.
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