Soba Noodle Making Experience in Odate

Hosted by Odate
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Experience Details
Experience Location
2 hours
Number of Guests
4 - 20 guests
Learn how to make soba noodles from scratch during this authentic soba noodle making experience in Odate, Akita Prefecture.
Get a glimpse into local life in rural Japan during this handmade soba noodle class
Learn how to make noodles from scratch during a class taught by local female farmers
Eat your delicious handmade Nakayama local noodles at the end
Enjoy a leisurely schedule of a welcome ceremony with greeting and Akita region dialect radio exercises (10 minutes), making the soba (70 minutes) and eating your noodles (40 minutes
Enjoy a piece of the local food, culture, and lifestyle of the beautiful Odate region
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
The city of Odate in northern Japan’s Akita Prefecture is known as the birthplace of the legendary and faithful Akita dog named Hachi. As the story goes, Hachi patiently waited for his master’s return from Shibuya Station for 10 years. In Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya today, the Hachiko Statue commemorates this loyal dog and is the typical meeting point for anyone visiting the city’s shopping and entertainment center. A few hundred miles away from Shibuya, in Odate, Akita you can enjoy a slice of rural life during this authentic, hands-on soba making class. Surrounded by glorious farmland, it is the perfect opportunity to break away from city life and rejuvenate yourself with a taste of the quieter rural life. Akita is known for its high-quality rice and sake, boasting excellent regional cuisine with produce from the fertile soil of a diverse climate. This soba making experience gives you insight into local food and culture of the area. During this cooking class in Akita, you will learn how to make regional Nakayama soba noodles. Thanks to the local climate, the buckwheat flour used to make these soba noodles is rich with umami flavors. Its unique texture comes from the addition of special mountain yams grown in the Odate region, making them extra tasty and unique. Step by step, you will learn how to make these soba noodles from scratch during this class. Taught by friendly female farmers in the local area, this experience is guided with warmth and kindness, just like cooking with your grandma! At the end of this soba noodle-making class, enjoy eating your delicious meal of fresh, handmade, and local Nayakama noodles.
Experienced soba making instructors
Ingredients and tools to make soba buckwheat noodles
1 soba meal (cold soba, warm soba, and dessert)
Facility usage fee (the event is held at a rental studio)
Transportation to and from the venue
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The meeting point is at a grocery store in the Magata area of Odate, Akita.
This experience is held in Japanese, however, it is easy to watch and learn. English to Japanese translations can be done by mobile phone applications
It is possible to cater for dietary requirements if advance notice is given to the host
It is best to book 2 weeks in advance
Experience Location
After a long day on the ski slopes or a deep soak in a hot spring, indulge in local comfort foods like Kiritanpo hot pot, complimented with mellow Akita sake.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals