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Standard Sushi Omakase with Professional Interpreter
¥ 12,000
 per guest
¥ 12,000
per guest
ID 272

Standard Sushi Omakase with Professional Interpreter

Sitting at the counter seat in front of a sushi chef, discover the meaning of “omotenashi,” Japanese hospitality, during this Standard Sushi Omakase Dining Experience.
2.5 hours
Minimum of 2 guests
Japanese - English
When you attend this experience
byFood will 
donate ¥ 250
Host will
donate ¥ 150
Sushi omakase is about more than sushi. By invoking that magic word, “omakase,” you are leaving the entire meal in the hands of the chef, allowing him to choose the freshest and best ingredients at his disposal, and use his skills to create a procession of sushi that is unlike any other. Every omakase experience is unique and it depends on the chef and his ingredients for that day. Sitting at the counter, you can watch as the chef prepares each and every morsel of fish, but if you aren’t able to speak the language, you miss out on a vital aspect of the omakase sushi experience: conversation. Omakase sushi is not a show to be viewed at a distance. The sushi chefs are there to chat with, otherwise you might as well visit any old sushi restaurant. They are experts in hospitality, and try to spend a little time talking with each customer, with special consideration toward their regulars. During this Standard Sushi Omakase Dining Experience, you will be joined by a professional interpreter who can facilitate conversation between you and the sushi chef. Find out about the types and cuts of fish he uses or his various techniques, or just chat with him casually. In the end, omakase is not just about sushi, and our Sushi Omakase Dining Experiences help you dig deeper, to connect with your chef and find out the true meaning of “omotenashi” (Japanese for “hospitality”).
For this standard omakase course, the dining experience will take place at a sushi bar where office workers might drop by after work
Experience an omakase sushi course, seated right in front of the sushi chef
Our interpreting services allow you to ask the chef questions and also gain deeper knowledge about the art of sushi
Hear the stories behind each piece of sushi and learn about the chef’s own backstory
Pickup and drop off service (pick up at your hotel and drop off at the station closest to the restaurant)
An expert English-Japanese interpreter
Edo-style sushi omakase course (nigiri and makimono)
Japanese green tea
English Menu
Any additional food, drink, or souvenir purchases
Please cover your own transportation costs
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
We offer a pickup and drop off service. The sushi restaurant is located in Sugamo, and after the meal you will be escorted to the train station nearest to the sushi restaurant.
Reservations are accepted for private parties of 2 to 7 people (note that there may be others present at the restaurant)
Anyone age 15 and over is welcome to participate
Please bring some extra cash for any additional food, drink or other purchases
Please tell us about any food allergies and sushi toppings you do not like
Experience Location:
Tokyo, Japan’s capital city is made up of the 23 wards of Tokyo and the former Tokyo Prefecture. Every ward has its own attractions. Shibuya is famous for the Shibuya Crossing (the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing), nightlife, and quirky Harajuku. The ward of Shinjuku mixes business and pleasure, with office buildings in the west and Kabukicho (the red-light district) in the northeast. Chuo Ward is home to Ginza, a high-end shopping district, while Taito-ku holds on to culture and history in the form of Sensoji Temple and retro shopping streets like Ameya-Yokocho & Yanaka Ginza.
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