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Tokyo Yakitori and Ramen Tour in Shinjuku
¥ 13,500
 per guest
¥ 13,500
per guest
ID 42

Tokyo Yakitori and Ramen Tour in Shinjuku

Get yourself ready for that hearty bowl of ramen and plateful of Tokyo yakitori during this unique evening food tour in Shinjuku.
3 hours
Minimum of 2 guests
When you attend this experience
byFood will 
donate ¥ 250
With its bite-sized pieces of chicken that are skewered and roasted to perfection over a hot grill, it’s no wonder that a lot of people – locals and tourists alike – love yakitori. Made conveniently over a hot grill, yakitori is a simple dish that is packed with so many flavors. Seasoned perfectly every time, either sweet or salty-sweet, yakitori is best paired with condiments such as shichimi togarashi, wasabi, and yuzukosho. You can eat yakitori as a whole meal with rice and miso soup, or have it with a serving or two of sake, or simply enjoy its delicious grandeur on its own. You can also make other variations of yakitori at home by using other ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, shishito (small green peppers), and other tasty produce. Discover the delicious yakitori and ramen on offer in Shinjuku and join a Tokyo Yakitori and Ramen Tour in Shinjuku! You’ll be guided by one of Tokyo’s top ramen experts, who has been writing about the local ramen scene for over 10 years. He’s visited over 1300 ramen shops, written two books about ramen, and even has experience talking about ramen on TV! He’s held tours for chefs, food writers, and all kinds of food enthusiasts. It’s safe to say that you’ll be in good hands, plus, your guide has plenty of knowledge to share about Tokyo yakitori in one of these private tours. So, after you’ve had the best ramen in town, you’ll find yourself squeezing in with the regulars in their favorite Tokyo yakitori and ramen and shops. A big bowl of ramen is hearty and delicious on its own, but it’s also best paired with a plateful of yakitori. The savory broth and chewy noodles combined with the succulent, juicy yakitori meat is something you won’t want to miss for the world! You’ll cap off the evening over a round of drinks and shout “kanpai!” with new-found friends.
Private Tokyo yakitori and ramen tour with a ramen expert where you’ll discover a different side of Shinjuku while learning about ramen and yakitori
Experience eating ramen and yakitori like a local at some of the best shops in Shinjuku
Enjoy the atmosphere where you’ll meet and clink glasses with locals, and shout “kanpai!”
A 3-hour private Tokyo Yakitori and Ramen Tour guided by a ramen expert in Shinjuku
Five skewers of yakitori
Two drinks
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
The meeting location in Shinjuku will be organized after booking. Your ramen expert will be in contact to meet on the day in a convenient spot that suits you.
Please remember to be on time
Experience Location:
The multifaceted economic hub of Tokyo, Shinjuku is a hub for business, shopping, and entertainment. Adorned with skyscrapers, Shinjuku is also a major transportation center and is considered the busiest railway station in the world. With hundreds of shops, restaurants, and bars, Shinjuku is always lively, day or night. It’s also home to the Golden District, which consists of the tiny bars in the Golden Gai, the intimate local drinking holes in Omoide Yokocho, and the razzle-dazzle of Shinjuku’s red light district, Kabukicho.
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