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Underground Dining: Secret Gastronomy in Akihabara

Organized by CraftMAster
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Experience Details
Experience Location
2.5 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 6 guests
Join a multi-sensory dining experience at an exclusive restaurant in Akihabara! A legendary chef duo crafts the menu, served as a creative gastronomy meal followed by an hour of leisure & drinks.


Dine at a members-only restaurant hidden in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood
Enjoy a luxurious multi-course meal crafted by a legendary chef duo who have worked in esteemed restaurants in Japan
Participate in a unique, exclusive, and creative dining experience
This dining concept is for adventurous foodies, the culturally curious, and those seeking a multi-sensory experience in an intimate setting
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals

Experience Details

In Tokyo’s energetic Akihabara district stands an unassuming door that conceals a dining experience unlike any other… Your experience location is typically a members-only restaurant, but today, you’ve got the key to this locked door. The chefs are professionally trained and have collaborated to create an innovative multi-course menu. This multi-sensory experience occurs at a hidden restaurant in Akihabara–hidden by choice, as it’s typically a members-only venue. But we’ve got a golden ticket for you! Your menu designers are skilled chefs whose collaboration results in an adventurous, innovative, and unique menu crafted using seasonal ingredients, herbs, and spices. The culinary duo comprises a French-trained chef from Auberge Au Mirador (an exclusive restaurant and lodging in Hakone) and a culinary maestro from the esteemed Ginza Kyubey. Sample menu: Chilled cream of white asparagus soup Mr. Ishino's fruit tomato with sakura jelly drizzle Specialty salad with bigfin reef squid and Japanese banana Freshly delivered clams from Fisherman Takayama in Kujukuri, served with field mustard Spring rolls with Nagaokakyo bamboo shoots and hijiki seaweed Foie gras ice cream monaka with Nagano Prefecture's Pink Lady apples Charcoal-grilled blackthroat seaperch with celeriac and butterbur shoots Skewers of minced Pyrenean suckling lamb with rich egg yolk sauce and homemade black shichimi pepper blend Japanese-style pilaf (takikomi gohan) with Toyama firefly squid Kawachi-bankan from Wakayama Prefecture’s Mikan no Mitchan Farm, served with bay leaf Basque cheesecake The Chef’s Specialty Course allows you to enjoy a series of creative culinary masterpieces during a leisurely two-hour feast. Each dish will be prepared and served by the chef at the counter, ensuring a seamless and well-timed evening. Post-meal, you’ll move upstairs for an hour of leisure and drinks.


A gastronomy dining experience at an exclusive, members-only restaurant in Akihabara
A premium full-course meal prepared by two skilled chefs
An innovative menu using premium seasonal ingredients


Transportation to and from the venue

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

The restaurant is in Akihabara area.


Limitations: 2 groups/sessions per day(17:30-20:00 & 20:00-23:30), 7 counter seats, 3-hour experience duration (2 hours for dining & 1 hour for leisure)
The menu is subject to change
Strictly no smoking
Dress code: No shorts, sandals, or T-shirts allowed
Timing: If you’re 30 minutes late, this will count as a cancellation and you will not be refunded

Cancellation Policy

Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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Over 14 million residents call Tokyo home. Functioning as Japan's economic and cultural center, it's no surprise the metropolis often appears at the top of travelers' bucket lists. Here, you can find everything from traditional tea houses to futuristic skyscrapers.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals