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Eat Chanko Nabe and Fight Like a Sumo Wrestler

Organized by BOJ
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Experience Details
Experience Location
2 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 40 guests
Japanese, English
Vegan, Vegetarian
Before feasting on chanko nabe, the famous fuel of sumo wrestlers, you’ll meet two retired sumo wrestlers and learn the sport of sumo!
Attend a match between two retired sumo wrestlers and learn some basic sumo fighting techniques
Employ those techniques and jump in the ring with a sumo wrestler
Take a photo with the sumo wrestlers
Refuel at a restaurant for chanko nabe, the hot pot dish that is popular among sumo wrestlers
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Smiling sumo wrestlers look like soft-hearted giants, just to turn into powerful combats during a match! If you couldn’t get the chance to watch a match, or you better prefer a front-row-seat kind of experience, join this dining experience and jump in the ring! But prepare to be sumo-smashed. This extraordinary dining experience will give you information and insights into sumo history and the current lifestyle of sumo wrestlers, including some hilarious personal stories from two retired sumo wrestlers. These big, funny guys will show you both the legit and banned techniques unique to this discipline, as an introduction to three real matches! Buckle up and enjoy an exclusive sumo show! If you dare, you can change into your sumo attire (a special costume is set aside for you) and challenge the ex-sumo wrestlers at their own sport. Give all that you have got, and then take a photo together to commemorate the match. Don’t want to take on the physical challenge? You’ll still love the next part of this unique experience. Chanko nabe is a flavorful hot pot dish whose main components are usually chicken and a lavish heap of colorful vegetables. Chanko is the sumo dish par excellence and pros eat a tremendous amount of it, along with tons of rice, in order to maintain or gain weight to help them fight their opponents. While the serving of chanko nabe provided to the general public at chanko restaurants doesn’t quite match the quantity consumed by these massive athletes, it is still a hearty and filling dish that will challenge the capacity of your stomach. Fun fact: the staff cooking your chanko nabe are also retired sumo wrestlers! Lunch Menu: -Chanko Nabe -Rice -Deep-fried pork -Salad -Potato salad -Oolong tea, water, or hot water Dinner Menu: -”Black pork and Salt” flavor chanko nabe -Tempura (shrimp and seasonal vegetable) -Chirashi sushi (rice topped with sashimi and avocado) -Salad -Steamed egg custard -Sherbet
Three sumo matches played by former wrestlers
Trying sumo wrestling with one of the professionals
A complete set menu centered around chanko nabe
Transportation from/to the restaurant
Any additional food or beverages
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
On Mondays(lunch and dinner), your destination is Toteki Genki Asakusa Chanko-ba located on the second floor at 2-27-10 Nishiasakusa,Taito-ku, Tokyo. On Thursdays (lunch), go to Genghis Khan, Yukidaruma Ryogoku-beya on the third floor of Ozaki Bldg. 3-24-2, Ryogkoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
Please inform us about any specific dietary restrictions upon booking.
The room is floored with tatami mats, but chairs are available.
Pleas be reminded to display a considerate and respectful behavior. Troublemakers will be kindly asked to leave without refund.
Bringing your own food and drinks during the sumo performance is allowed.
Cancellation Policy
Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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Experience Location

Home to the famous Sensoji Temple, a Buddhist temple built in the 7th century, Asakusa overflows with rich history and traditional culture. In the past, Asakusa was Tokyo’s leading entertainment district, a red light district with a number of kabuki theaters. Most of Asakusa was destroyed during World War II, but it has since grown into one of Tokyo's most visited tourist spots. Here, you'll find Nakamise Dori, a bustling shopping street lined with local snack and souvenir shops. Asakusa also has other attractions such as parks, public baths, and museums.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
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