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Robot Restaurant Show with Dinner at a Kyoto-themed Izakaya

Organized by BOJ
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Experience Details
Experience Location
4 hours
Number of Guests
2 - 15 guests
Japanese, English
Get the best of both worlds: peaceful Kyoto-typical atmosphere on one hand and up-beat music and crazy costumes on the other.
Sneak your nose into the underground mind-blowing experience of robot dance and floats' battles at the Robot Restaurant
Relish a filling banquet of Japanese cuisine at a relaxing Kyoto-themed izakaya
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
You are in Tokyo, fascinating by its never-ending hustle, lip-smacking food and crazy entertainment, yet, you wouldn’t mind soaking in the traditional atmosphere that the ancient capital has to offer? You can get two birds with one stone thanks to this combo dining experience! Secure your seat at the Robot Restaurant and enjoy the must-see unforgettable show. The heads-spinning parade of skillful performers, taiko drums players and dancing robots will leave you in awe with its fast-paced carousel of colors, lasers, neon-lights, and music. Watch the epic fights of floats shaped by lobsters, snakes, dragons, armed trucks, and more! Follow with your eyes the jumps of taiko performers beating their drums and waving their fans to the strains of Japanese festival music. Enjoy samurai and swords battles, a panda custom and extra costumes. Before or after this crazy show, hit a Kyoto-themed restaurant for your fare share of Kyoto vibes. It is further evidence that Tokyo has it all. Ukiyo paintings at the walls, tatami matting, lanterns, and bamboo, together with soft warm tones makes it the ideal spot to relax your eyes and fully enjoy your dinner. You have two menu options, both featuring some signatures of Japanese cuisine, such as sashimi, tofu, tempura, sushi, rice, and noodles. Sit back and dig in! Plan A* - Appetizer - Handmade Tofu - Assorted side dishes - Avocado salad with fried Tofu skin - Assorted sashimi - Shrimp and vegetable tempura - Jelly - Beef sukiyaki - Rice or udon - Dessert Plan B* -Assorted Kyoto-style appetizer -Wheat starch with miso paste -Assorted sashimi -Grilled Cod marinated with Saikyo-miso -Assorted vegetable tempura -Minced chicken ball soup -Jelly -Greater amberjack and tofu skin shabu-shabu -Chirashi sushi (assorted sashimi on the bed of rice) -Dessert *Please note that menus are subject to change based on the season.
Dinner at the Kyoto-themed izakaya
Admission fee for the Robot Restaurant show
Transfer between the Robot Restaurant and the izakaya
Any additional food and beverages
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The Robot Restaurant is located in 1-7-7, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, 160-0021 Shinjuku City. While Kyomachi Koishigure Honkan is found in Musashino Bldg. 6F, 3-27-10, Shinjuku, 160-0022 Shinjuku City.
If you have any food allergies, please inform us upon booking.
When you select the 5-pm dining experience, you can choose whether you want to attend the show first or hit the themed restaurant. Please let us know in the additional notes section upon booking.
For groups with younger travelers please be advised that the restaurant is located in Tokyo's Kabukicho red-light district.
This experience is self-guided. Please follow the instructions given to reach your venue.
Pleas be reminded to let us know which is your menu of choice in the additional notes section upon booking.
Cancellation Policy
Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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Over 14 million residents call Tokyo home. Functioning as Japan's economic and cultural center, it's no surprise the metropolis often appears at the top of travelers' bucket lists. Here, you can find everything from traditional tea houses to futuristic skyscrapers.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals