Tottori Travel Guide

Japan’s least-populated prefecture might not have many residents, but it offers plenty in terms of unique culture and nature.

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With only around 570,000 people, the entire population of Tottori Prefecture would hardly fill one ward of Tokyo! But what it lacks in terms of population, it makes up for in authenticity; this prefecture has preserved both its folk traditions and rugged natural sites admirably.

The capital, Tottori City, is famous for its massive sand dunes which cover more than 30 square kilometers of the coastline. There, you can choose to take on the dunes on foot, by camel, or by sand-boarding down them.

Elsewhere in the prefecture you’ll discover some unique and wild festivals which date back many centuries. One of the most interesting is the Misasa Onsen Hanayu Matsuri, during which a giant tug of war takes place using hand-woven ropes which weigh about two tons!

If you’re not too worn out from battling against strong-armed locals, you can then head down to the mountains in the south. Here you’ll find Mt. Mitoku — with a temple built into a cave and looking out over a sheer drop — and Mt. Daisen, a mini Fuji surrounded by lush green scrubland.

While some might overlook Tottori in favor of its more famous neighbors, those who take the time to explore here will discover plenty to remember for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to eat in Tottori?

One favorite local delicacy in Tottori is tofu chikuwa, a kind of Japanese tofu and whitebait fishcake. The prefecture also produces one of the most unusual fruits in the country, the "20th century pear": a round fruit which is like a pear-apple hybrid.

What are the best things to do in Tottori?

The sand dunes of Tottori City are a great playground for anyone traveling with family, but if you’re feeling up for more adventure then hiking up to the top of Mt. Daisen is a challenging but manageable trek, suitable for intermediate walkers and above.

How to get to the Tottori Sand Dunes?

The easiest way is by bus from Tottori Station — hop on any bus bound for Tottori Sakyu (鳥取砂丘). The dunes are the last stop, around 20 minutes away, and the trip only costs 380 yen one-way.

What is Tottori famous for?

Tottori is best known for its rugged coastline, looking out to the Sea of Japan: from the country’s biggest sand dunes to a host of small onsen towns said to have particularly strong health-boosting properties.

What to buy in Tottori?

If standard blue jeans ain’t your style, maybe a set of workwear made from the incredibly durable Yumihama fabric will take your fancy. Or for the artistically-inclined, a few leafs of Inshu-washi traditional paper will surely elevate your next work.
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