This culture blog covers Japan’s rich history, local traditions, and unique regional cuisines. Read in-depth articles about Japanese culture that spotlight Japanese foods or teach about traditions during holidays like Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) and cherry blossom season.

Japanese food culture is famously unique throughout different prefectures of Japan. Food in Japan is undoubtedly one of the cultural highlights that brings visitors to Japan each year, and what brings Japanese people together every day. Regional climates, glorious diverse landscapes, and locally-grown seasonal ingredients are what make Japan’s diverse food culture possible. This in turn feeds into the local culture and proudly prefectural Japanese cuisine on offer, where fresh flavors and refined textures are the heroes of Japanese cooking. From traditional street food to exquisite kaiseki dining experiences, get to know the best of food culture in Japan. Articles from our blog on byFood cover customs and rituals, important cultural events, modern trends, and the latest food news.

Your first stop to our Japanese food blog should be to learn about 20 traditional Japanese food dishes, closely followed by our detailed guide to Japanese sake. Next, introduce your tastebuds to regional variations and local specialty cuisine, or learn about the culture of Japan’s signature dish comparing the difference between omakase sushi and other different types of sushi. For traditional Japanese culture, discover articles including what it’s like getting a taste of traditions from the Akita Prefecture in Tokyo, or find out what to expect when trying your hand at amezaiku candy sculpting!

Read first-hand stories about cultural food experiences in Japan, or get your hands dirty with recipe articles like how to make Japanese curry at home. Whether it be the best ramen or the best sushi, you can discover the tastiest and most traditional parts of Japanese food culture on our blog. Including seasonal events like KFC on Christmas, traditional New Year rituals, or celebrating cherry blossom season in Japan, learn everything you need to know about Japanese culture food by taking a deep dive into our in-depth Japanese food blog.

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