Yamanashi Cooking Class: Make Hoto Noodles by Lake Kawaguchi

Hosted by Fujiya
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2 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 80 guests
Wheelchair Accessible, Stroller Accessible, Family-friendly
Japanese, English
Vegan, Vegetarian, Rain or shine, Near station, With sake, With lunch
The hoto noodle cooking class in Yamanashi is a fun group activity that teaches you how to make an iconic Yamanashi specialty dish!
This hoto making experience is designed to be enjoyed by beginner cooks and kids alike, so the whole family can join!
Learn how to make hoto noodles from scratch with our English-speaking staff, who provide support from start to finish.
Enjoy your handmade freshly-cooked hoto noodles.
If you wish, we will serve you Torimotsu (chicken offal) or mochi with it. It is a big portion so come hungry!
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Sharing Mt. Fuji with neighboring Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture is a scenic retreat located just east of Tokyo. Lake Kawaguchi, with its stunning views of the mountain, is one spot that attracts travelers. But that’s not all! Yamanashi is also renowned for its delicious local food culture. It is a major producer of peaches and grapes in Japan, and has a thriving wine industry. The prefecture has a culture of flour-based dishes, like Yoshida udon, a specialty of Fujiyoshida City. Hoto is another such flour-based dish, and it’s one of the most famous local specialties of Yamanashi. The long, thick hoto noodles are made from wheat flour, and are boiled and then simmered with miso soup, alongside vegetables like kabocha (Japanese pumpkin). Hoto noodle dishes are much more widespread throughout Yamanashi Prefecture than Yoshida udon, and the popularity of hoto as a local Yamanashi specialty is closely related to the climate of the prefecture. In this hands-on cooking class in Yamanashi, you’ll learn how to make hoto noodles from scratch, with English-speaking staff. A heartwarming soup filled with vegetables and characterized by its firm and chewy noodles, this hoto recipe is the classic comfort food that you’ll want to return to again and again. This hoto cooking class in Yamanashi is recommended for those who want to enjoy a hands-on experience with family and friends, are interested in making hoto noodles from scratch, and want a rainy day activity in a scenic sightseeing location with English support. Q&A ・How long does it take to get to Lake Kawaguchi? 10-15 minutes by car. ・How long does it take to get there from the closest station? 10 minutes from Kawaguchiko station on foot ・Do you have parking? Yes. ・Can I cook if I have nails done? Yes. If you would like gloves please ask. ・Is this hoto cooking class ok for vegans / vegetarians? Yes. Please be assured that we don’t use dashi (fish broth) for hoto.
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The closest station is Kawaguchiko Station (10 mins by walk) or you can drive and park here.
We do not have an apron for small children, so please bring it yourself if necessary.
Experience Location
Get your thrills at Fuji-Q Highland or relax by the waters of the glorious Fuji Five Lakes region; immersed in nature, Yamanashi Prefecture is Japan’s top wine producer and the mountainous home to the northern half of Mount Fuji.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals