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Food Tours

Wasabi Farm Tour in Okutama, Tokyo

A deep exploration of Japan’s authentic wasabi root at a wasabi farm in Tokyo Prefecture.
from ¥7,000
Food Tours

Matsushima Bay Fishing Adventure & BBQ on Deserted Island

Led by a local fisherman, go drive-in net fishing for Japanese blue crab, and enjoy a seafood feast with a view of the glimmering sea from a deserted island. (Overnight guesthouse stay included!)
from ¥24,000
With dinner
Food Tours

3-Day Fermentation Stay Program in Nara

Immerse yourself in a 3-day traditional Japanese house stay, learn about the culture of fermented food in Nara, and cook home-style Japanese meals using fermented ingredients.
from ¥50,000
Food Tours

Exploring the Countryside of Tochigi: Farm-to-Table Meal

Stay the night in a traditional Japanese folk house! Share a home-cooked meal with local farmers from freshly harvested produce in the Japanese countryside of Tochigi Prefecture.
from ¥18,800
Food Tours

Nagano Farm Stay: Frozen Food Culture in Yamaura Village

Stay at a traditional farmhouse in Nagano and learn about the frozen cuisine of Yamaura Village from local producers and village grannies! (Eat! Meet! Japan Silver Award 2020)
from ¥33,000
Food Tours

Farm Stay in Odate with Kiritampo and Hinai Jidori Hot Pot

Experience rural life at a cozy farm inn in Odate with a farmer’s mother, doing some light farm work and making a classic local dish: Kiritampo hot pot with high-quality Hinai Jidori chicken.
from ¥18,150
Food Tours

Farm Stay in Japan: Rural Farm Life Experience in Yamagata

During this hands-on farm stay in Japan, join the Onodera family in their 100-year-old farmhouse in Yamagata and experience an early-morning harvest and cooking class with local produce.
from ¥30,000
Food Tours

Mt. Gassan Vegetable Foraging Experience with Cooking Lesson

Learn to prepare the fresh and local edible plants you’ve foraged for yourself on Mt. Gassan with an expert mountain guide.
from ¥15,000
Regional food
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Japan Farm Stay

Take a break outside of Japan’s big cities and seize the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in rural life. Ranging between local farm visits on the outskirts of Japanese tea that are available only in a particular region of Japan, and learn new skills as you cook like the locals do. At a Japan farm stay, you could find yourself learning about regional specialty dishes, like soba noodles made from fresh local waters and wheat, or experience working on the farm, giving a hand to your host. Enter another world and find yourself rolling "kiritanpo" rice cakes in Akita or exploring tea fields in Shizuoka during a Japan farm stay.