Osaka Tastings

Let’s be honest, the people of Osaka are food fanatics but they also love a good drink to match. The drinking and party culture of Osaka is a key part of the heart and soul of the city! But what makes a good sake? Or what comes down to a quality Japanese whisky? You can find out for yourself by joining one of our awesome Osaka tastings. Tasting experiences in Osaka are a unique opportunity to learn in-depth about different drinks from the Kansai region and beyond, with the insider knowledge of a local guide as you taste away and get down to business.

Not much of a drinker? Get hooked on flavor as you can taste a range of Osaka’s signature soups and sauces with our Osaka tasting experiences, too, a great way to discover your favorites! Osaka can be an immense flavor overload, but still the thickened sauce concoction of Worcestershire-meets-soy that gets slathered on just about everything simply keeps us coming back! Check out our tasting experiences in Osaka to learn about local drinks and more.