Japanese Tea Tasting Experience in Fukuoka

from ¥ 10,000 per guest - 1.5 hours

Matcha and sencha and kocha, oh my! There’s no food or drink more central to Japanese culture than tea, and there are way more varieties of tea in Japan than just plain old green tea.

For centuries this beverage has been at the very center of traditional Japanese hospitality, with a whole zen-inspired culture surrounding the process of brewing and serving it. In fact, having a cup of tea in Japan is often more akin to meditation than sipping on your average cafe cuppa!

Join a tea tasting in Japan and discover the wonders of Japanese tea. You’ll find out tips about how to brew the perfect cup of tea, learn about the various types of tea made in Japan, and taste a range of domestic teas for yourself! Alongside a Japanese tea expert, you’ll get to ask all your burning questions and listen as your guide spills the tea (but not literally). These tea tastings in Japan will give you insights into the history of tea and its place in Japanese culture today, from the traditional tea ceremony to the simple cups that are enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home. You may also discover your new favorite type of tea during one of these Japanese tea tastings! Many tea tastings are also paired with wagashi, so you can enjoy a bite of something sweet to accompany a foamy cup of matcha.

But don’t expect to pull off all the proper historic procedures by yourself the first time — Japanese tea ceremony masters study their art for decades, so it’s better to put yourself in the hands of one of these well-trained connoisseurs. That’s why a tea tasting experience in Japan is the perfect way to immerse yourself in this ancient culture.

You’ll have the chance to watch and try the traditional methods of brewing, sample some premium leaves from around Japan, and soak yourself in the centuries of history which are poured into each and every cup. In addition to joining one of these Japanese tea tastings, why not hop on a farm tour experience to get to the literal roots of this prestigious Japanese drink?