Private Drinks with a Geisha in a Tokyo Teahouse

from ¥ 10,897 per guest - 1.5 hours

Tokyo Sake Tasting Experience

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Tokyo Sake Tastings

Japanese sake, also known as nihonshu, is one of the treasures of Japan. A type of fermented Japanese rice wine that is made from high-quality Japanese rice, water, and koji mold, despite the few ingredients used, there is a surprising variety of sake in Japan. Depending on factors like fermentation temperature, level of rice polishing, and filtration, the taste of Japanese sake can be categorized into several grades. For example, junmai-shu is the classic Japanese sake, which is made with rice that has been polished to 70%, with a high level of acidity, while daiginjo-shu is polished to 50% and has a more delicate aroma. During sake tastings in Tokyo, you can discover the flavors of different types and brands of sake, and train your palate to recognize different tastes. Become a sake expert, visiting sake breweries in Tokyo and enjoying tastings of several different types of Japanese sake. Sake tastings in Tokyo will allow you to experience new flavors and aromas, with a sake tasting guide to help you along the way. So grab a glass, and let’s kampai!