Downtown Kyoto Local Food Tour

from ¥ 8,500 per guest - 3 hours

Kyoto Tea Ceremony and Sweets Experience

from ¥ 4,400 per guest - 1 hour

Kyoto Matcha Green Tea Tour in Uji with Lunch

from ¥ 19,200 per guest - 3 hours

Evening in Kyoto Pontocho Food Tour

from ¥ 19,200 per guest - 3 hours

Kyoto Nishiki Market Tour with 7 Course Lunch

from ¥ 19,200 per guest - 3 hours

Private Tea Ceremony by the UNESCO World Heritage Site

from ¥ 8,000 per guest - 1 hour

Traditional Tea Ceremony at a Tea House in Kyoto

from ¥ 2,500 per guest - 1 hour

Tea Ceremony in the Grand Tea Room of Jotoku-ji Temple

from ¥ 2,850 per guest - 1 hour

Halal Food Tours in Kyoto

Kyoto is a beautiful haven where nature, creativity, and delicious Kyoto cuisine come together to create a unique cultural atmosphere. The wonderful Nishiki Markets of Kyoto are alive with delicious Japanese street food, the humble tea houses of Gion serve the Japanese tea ceremony, and cozy restaurants lie hidden beyond the main streets. But, are you wondering where to find halal food in Kyoto? No problem. You can join a halal food tour in Kyoto to experience the best parts of Kyoto. ByFood has both special halal tours and halal options available on many of our regular tours, so you can explore the best of Kyoto and its incredible food to your heart’s content.

Halal food tours in Kyoto are a great way to discover the beautiful city without having to stress about what to eat. A local guide can assist you to ensure your meal is halal, as well as provide interesting facts about Kyoto’s local history and Japanese culture. Don’t miss out on delicious Kyoto cuisine, halal food tours in Kyoto can allow you to experience the best of Japanese culture and food in Japan’s cultural capital. From wagashi sweets to halal wagyu, you can enjoy amazing Japanese food in Kyoto that’s halal yet doesn’t compromise on Kyoto’s signature flavors and textures. Check out our halal food tours in Kyoto for the best in local culture that’s matched with Muslim-friendly menus!