Kakunodate Samurai District Travel Guide

Kakunodate Samurai District
Discover the way of the samurai in Kakunodate, where you can satisfy your curiosity and learn more about the history of this castle town.

Founded in 1620, Kakunodate has remained largely unchanged since, making it the perfect place to learn about samurai tradition. This town consists of 2 areas: the samurai district and the merchant district. The samurai district was home to 80 families and the houses can still be seen today. Six of these homes are open to the public, where visitors can see how the middle and upper-class samurai lived. If you do not have time to visit them all, the Aoyagi house and the Ishiguro house are considered must-visits.

The Aoyagi house is large in comparison to others, with several buildings including gift stores and restaurants. Today, it serves as a museum displaying relics of the past. Visitors can relax and have a meal here and search for samurai-related souvenirs at the gift shop. The Ishiguro House is smaller, but still has many things to offer. Samurai armor, clothing, and drawings are displayed in certain areas for viewing.

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