Nyuto Onsen Travel Guide

Nyuto Onsen
Gaze out at a view of white and fluffy snow gently falling while you take a nice hot dip at Nyuto Onsen, one of Akita Prefecture’s marvelous outdoor hot springs.

Akita Prefecture is known for being Japan’s famous onsen region, where hot spring baths can be enjoyed all-year-round. And Nyuto Onsen is not just one onsen, but it is a village with eight traditional ryokan (Japanese inns). Many onsen baths are separated by gender, and many ryokan offer indoor hot spring baths if you do not want to bear the cold in winter. Visitors can book a room to stay at the inn for a period of time or drop by anytime to relax and enjoy the water’s healing properties. Staying at one ryokan does not limit you to one onsen, either. For those who want to go onsen-hopping, the Yumeguri pass can be purchased to get access to every onsen. As a special perk, this pass lasts up to a year, so you can return and try the different healing properties of each bath.

If you can only go to one, we recommend going to Tsurunoyu, the oldest and most famous onsen in Nyuto Onsen. With over 300 years of rich history, Tsurunoyu can provide an experience like no other. The place is welcoming and authentic and even has the largest mixed gender outdoor bath. Single-gender baths are also offered as well. During a stay at a ryokan here, visitors can enjoy special cuisines such as sumibiyaki, a style of cooking where food is grilled over Japanese oak, giving the food a delicious smoky taste.

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