Arakura Sengen Shrine

: A 1300-year-old shrine with one of the most iconic views of Mt. Fuji in all of Japan
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Lunch: ¥1000-1500 - Dinner: ¥1000-1500

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Shaw's Sushi Bar & Dining

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Lunch: ¥1000-1999 - Dinner: ¥1000-1999

Founded near the start of the 8th century, this shrine stands in the foothills of grand Mt. Fuji and is dedicated to the protector god of the region. The area behind its five-story pagoda tower at the top of the hillside complex provides one of the most famous views of Mt. Fuji. You’ve probably seen pictures taken from this viewpoint if you’ve done any research on the iconic mountain online.

Besides the grand hall, the rest of the shrine isn’t particularly ornate, but it really comes alive in spring when over 600 sakura cherry blossom trees bloom on its grounds, and in autumn when the surrounding trees start to shed their autumnal foliage.

If you set up your camera behind the famous pagoda during those months, you’ll be able to capture that iconic view of Mt. Fuji at its best. Although you should be warned, Fuji-san has a tendency to hide behind cloud cover in the afternoon and evening, so arrive as early as possible to snap the best pics possible.

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