7 Kawaii Foods in Harajuku to Up Your Instagram Game

By Emily Suvannasankha
Updated: March 31, 2021

If you're in the market for cute, Instagram-worthy treats, Harajuku is the place for you! This famously colorful and eclectic district of Tokyo is not only known for its eye-catching fashion trends, but its undeniably unique street food as well. Join Shizuka as she takes a tour of the side streets of Harajuku and discovers all kinds of kawaii food to spruce up her social media feed! What adorable desserts and technicolor delicacies will she try?Book the Instalicious Food Adventure in Harajuku >>

7 Kawaii Harajuku Foods: Instagrammable Sweets and Street Food in Tokyo

You might know Harajuku for its most popular tourist destination, Takeshita Street, a packed, bustling shopping street bursting with cute clothing shops and zany attractions. But have you escaped the crowds and explored all the hidden gems that the backstreets of Takeshita Dori have to offer? Follow Shizuka as she takes a tour with host Gizem and tries Harajuku's most adorable, "instalicious" street foods!

Freakshakes, monster milkshakes in Harajuku lined up on a countertop

First, Shizuka and Gizem stop by a cookie specialty shop in Harajuku to enjoy a creamy and delicious cookie-topped freakshake, a milkshake that's complete with a huge hunk of cookie dough on top. At this neon-colored cookie bar, you can even order cookie dough served in an ice cream cone!

An ice cream cone topped with cookie dough in Harajuku

After a quick break to take and decorate pictures at a purikura photo booth, the duo continue their kawaii food hunt, moving on to the next stop: a shop filled with rainbow sweets as far as the eye can see! Shizuka gets melt-in-your-mouth rainbow cotton candy that looks as bright and enticing as it tastes.

Shizuka Anderson holding a cotton candy rainbow in Harajuku against a striped rainbow background

Then, Shizuka and Gizem take a break from kawaii sweets and venture to another street food vendor, where they try a gooey grilled cheese with rainbow-colored filling that's impossibly vibrant. They also order the unique and aptly named "tornado potato"! This crispy, savory snack flavored with soy sauce and butter gets a 10/10 from Shizuka. What makes this potato worthy of being called a tornado? Check out the video to see for yourself!

Last but not least, Shizuka treats herself to a refreshing, zesty mango ice cream cone and watermelon soda served in a light bulb-shaped cup! This shop makes their ice cream into seasonal kawaii animals, using creative and sometimes unexpected techniques to make the eyes and ears.

Book a Kawaii Street Food Tour of Harajuku

Do you love discovering Instagrammable locations in Tokyo and trying tasty kawaii food? Enjoy both at the same time on this Instalicious Food Adventure in Colorful Harajuku, hosted by Gizem herself! Gain insight into the many fascinating subcultures of Harajuku while strolling through the back alleys and sipping on a cool, delicious drink. Who knows what eye-catching, mouth-watering Instagram photos you'll take on this whirlwind tour in Tokyo!

Discover the tastiest street food in Ameya Yokocho with Shizuka or tag along as she explores the retro side of Shibuya with a guide! For the latest food news, join the Discover Japan by Food Facebook group.

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