Discover the best local restaurants, regional dishes, and unique things to do throughout the region; this Fukuoka travel blog features posts about the local food culture (think yatai street food stalls and tonkotsu ramen), travel tips, events, experiences, and more.

Heading to Fukuoka? It is considered as one of the most laid back cities in Japan with a warmer climate and unforgettable local Japanese food. Learn everything you need to know about Fukuoka’s incredible food scene and the best restaurants in Fukuoka by reading our What to Eat in Fukuoka guide, or other articles in our Fukuoka travel blog. Seriously, the amazing seafood in Fukuoka will have your eyes popping from their sockets! You could get lost reading about what it’s like dining at one of the many local yatai street stalls in Fukuoka, clinking glasses and drinking with locals while eating tasty yakitori chicken skewers. Check out more articles from our Fukuoka travel blog for handy travel tips and possibilities for exciting foodie adventures in Fukuoka!

Brimming with stories sharing insight about Fukuoka’s unique regional cuisine, keep reading to prepare yourself before you go. Hakata ramen, signature motsunabe hotpots, and locally-grown strawberries will simply have your mouth watering as some of the best food in Fukuoka. Read on to discover the most unique food tours, creative cooking classes, and local dining experiences on offer in Fukuoka, made with friendly locals and using regional ingredients. Our Fukuoka travel blog has the best articles on local food news, unique regional food, upcoming events, and travel hacks to make the most of your Fukuoka trip.

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