Ume Umeshu Ni (II) 15-year Vintage Tasting Set (500 Ltd. Ed., Warranty Card Inc.)

Seller: Takumi Sosei
Producer: Nakano BC
ID: 136
Compare the characteristics of umeshu brewed and aged with a variety of spirits. This exciting tasting experience is only available here!
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¥ 16,500
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Featuring three distinct bases and each aged for over ten years, this tasting set offers a unique way to experience the particulars of aged umeshu. A warranty card included in each of the 500 limited edition boxes guarantees vintage and quality, so you can have full confidence in this brilliant selection. (2007 Nakano / Nakano BC) Umeshu, 20% alcohol by volume. Pure, deeply flavored umeshu. Smokiness from the finish gives it character. (2009 Bunzo / Kinoshita brewery) Rice shochu base, 17% alcohol by volume. The refreshing aroma of ripe plums and the sweetness of apricot kernel melt in your mouth. With restrained fruityness and alcohol burn, this is a mellow type whos rich flavor gives its freshness a sense of depth. (2009 Matsufuji Umeshu / Sakiyama Shuzo Sho) Awamori base, 16% alcohol by volume. Making use of Okinawan brown sugar, this umeshu features a particularly rich flavor.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2181 gr
  • Product height: 8 cm
  • Product width: 23 cm
  • Product length: 23 cm
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Ume Umeshu Ni (II) 15-year Vintage Tasting Set (500 Ltd. Ed., Warranty Card Inc.) is produced in Wakayama prefecture.
Nakano BC
Wakayama Prefecture
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