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Gunma is a mountainous playground in the Kanto region, with probably the best adventure sports and hot spring bathing in all of Japan.
Gunma Tourist Attractions

Accessibly located in Kanto, Gunma Prefecture dips one leg into the urban sprawl which dominates the south of the region, but the rest belongs to beautiful, dramatic mountains. Here, you can get the full benefit of the hot springs and ski resorts of the Japanese Alps, just a round a 2-hour drive from the Japanese capital.

Located 1800 meters above sea level, the picture-perfect Manza Onsen has the highest sulphur content of any onsen in Japan, thanks to the active volcano which is perched on the side — Mt. Shirane. The nearby Kusatsu Onsen Resort is arguably the most famous in the country, and boasts the highest volume of water flowing through its springs, with dozens of bath styles to choose from. Both of these resorts are perfect places to relax after indulging in some of the prefecture’s more active pursuits.

This could mean anything from birdwatching in the marshlands of Oze National Park, getting your adrenaline flowing in the rapids of the Minakami adventure sports haven, or taking to the skies in a glider for a birds-eye view of this stunning place. As far as value for your time goes, the accessibility, beauty, and sheer variation offered in Gunma Prefecture is hard to beat.

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