Sashimi Travel Guide

Intense in textures and flavor, ranging from slices of the freshest seafood to slivers of raw horse meat, sashimi is skillfully prepared with the utmost care making it a signature delicacy of Japan.

As an island nation, Japan has access to some of the best seafood in the world that makes for impeccable sashimi, the signature Japanese delicacy that’s artfully prepared from high-quality raw fish and meats. Making up a considerable portion of the Japanese diet for centuries, fish is a healthy protein that honors refinement in simplicity and quality in freshness. A seemingly effortless dish that’s distinct from sushi (similar, but hold the rice), each piece of sashimi is skillfully sliced by the hand of a trained chef, preparing each seafood species with careful consideration to emphasise their best inherent characteristics.

For the adventurous foodies, horse meat sashimi and raw chicken sashimi can be rivaled by sashimi fugu (pufferfish) in Osaka, or Okinawa’s specialty of raw goat meat! Complex in flavor and texture, Hokkaido is particularly famous for serving exceptional seafood sashimi, which can be enhanced by a dash of rich soy sauce and matched with a touch of zingy wasabi. Could there possibly be anything more satisfying than a succulent piece of sashimi? Taste the best sashimi of your life during a Tsukiji Market Tour, or learn how to prepare your own sashimi bowl during a Kanazawa cooking class. One of Japan’s greatest and most elegant delicacies, discover the intricate art of freshly-sliced seafood or meats during one of our fine sashimi experiences.

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