Kyushu Food Tour: A Week Exploring Kyushu’s Culinary Culture

from ¥ 275,000 per guest - 6 days

Fukuoka Food Tour

The scenic and historic Fukuoka region is famed for its friendly yatai street food stalls, as well as top-quality local seafood coming in fresh from the Sea of Japan. As one of the major cities in Japan closest to mainland Asia, Fukuoka has taken on different flavors influenced by China and Korea, resulting in some of the country’s most interesting Japanese cuisine. With a well-known culture for Japanese street food, get to know the best flavors of Fukuoka by joining a local Fukuoka food tour. Wander through local shopping districts like Yanagibashi Market (a.k.a. "Hakata’s Kitchen) and taste the region’s famous fruity offerings like grapes, strawberries and apples. Or, join in the region’s widely-known alfresco street food culture and sample local yakitori chicken skewers paired with a Japanese beer. During an evening Fukuoka food tour, you could find yourself sampling different types of authentic Japanese sake (locally-produced from one of the region’s 70 sake breweries!) or party the night away in the lively bars of Oyafuko Dori. See Fukuoka from a local’s point of view as you taste all kinds of regional Japanese food at different stops along the way during a food tour in Fukuoka.