Sharpening Steel for Gyuto 12inch (GN-2)

Producer: Sakaiseiko
ID: 120
A sharpening steel specially made for Japanese gyuto-style knives
¥ 7,800
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A sharpening steel perfectly fashioned for use in repair and maintenance of Japanese gyuto style knives. This sharpening steel comes in a variety of lengths to suit your particular knife. Return damaged, dull, and poorly-edged knives to their original quality with the use of this sharpener. Suitable for steel knives. Length: 12 inch
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 525 gr
  • Product height: 470 cm
  • Product width: 60 cm
  • Product length: 520 cm
Sharpening Steel for Gyuto 12inch (GN-2) is produced in Niigata prefecture.
Niigata Prefecture
The Sakaiseiko company operates as a group of blacksmiths dedicated to producing assembly-line uniform knives by hand. With exacting attention to detail and commitment to unwavering quality, we produce our knives one by one.
Their greatest pleasure is to receive feedback from customers and use it to improve the forging processes, giving Sakaiseiko the ability to offer you ever better knives. The blacksmiths always aim for growth as individual craftsmen and as a company. It is Sakaiseiko's mission to embody the needs of chefs of professionals in their craft, and to express the epitome of quality and reliability in their products.