Wine & Dine in Japan's Food Capital: 18 Michelin Star Restaurants in Osaka

By Ryan Noble
Updated: March 5, 2024

Osaka — even with landmarks and attractions that make every traveler's to-do list, from Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium to Osaka Castle and the vibrant nightlife of Osaka’s Dotonbori area, there’s one thing that always seems to be mentioned first… the food!

Known as the culinary capital of Japan, Osaka is famous for its street food and specialties, like takoyaki (battered octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savory pancakes). With so many stalls and bars offering these classic cravings every day, it’s no wonder Osaka is said to be a more relaxed, laid-back city.

Even so, Osaka goes way beyond simple street food, with an extravagant selection of Michelin star restaurants that take traditional Japanese food and put that feisty Osakan spin on it. 

So that you’re ready for a truly indulgent trip around Osaka when you visit — perhaps using our 3-day Osaka itinerary — we’ve gathered 18 of the best Osaka Michelin star restaurants.

Michelin star sushi restaurants in Osaka

If you’re in Japan, you need to try sushi. If you’re in Osaka and looking for Michelin star sushi restaurants, you need to look through this selection. Japanese sushi just got an upgrade.

1. Sushi Ohata

Carefully crafted Michelin star sushi on a delicate serving dish.

Let us tell you the tale of how Sushi Ohata became a Michelin star sushi restaurant in Osaka. For starters, chef and owner, Ohata Masamichi, apprenticed for 17 years before starting his own place — almost two decades in which he mastered the art of sushi while also learning how to add his own flair to the sushi scene.

Alongside premium, seasonal fish sourced from Toyosu’s wholesale market and the Seto Inland Sea, Okata uses his own blends of vinegar to bring out the subtle flavors of each fish. So, take a seat and dive into new depths of sushi excellence — it just might be the highlight of your trip to Osaka. 

Save your seat for Michelin star sushi at Sushi Ohata!

2. Sushi Murakami Jiro

A translucent cut of premium sashimi, served alongside salt and wasabi on a serving tray.

Sushi Murakami Jiro is famous for its industry-leading nigiri sushi, but there’s one that sits above the rest — its tuna nigiri. The owner-chef of this Michelin star sushi restaurant was a well-known understudy at Saeki, another legendary sushi restaurant, where he mastered nigiri under the watchful eyes of the best in the business.

This attention to detail doesn’t stop at the tuna, either, with special care put into his sushi rice. After all, creating Michelin star sushi requires every aspect of the meal to be exquisite, something you’ll taste in with every mouthful. 

Taste the finest tuna at Michelin star sushi restaurant, Sushi Murakami Jiro!

3. Sushi Harasho

A vivid, fresh nigiri sushi, served on a blue and white plate.

Sushi Harasho is an Osakan sushi restaurant with not one, but two Michelin stars, offering both lunch and dinner sittings for twice the chance to experience Chef Ishikawa Takumi’s true expertise in the world of sushi.

Specializing in Edomae sushi (Tokyo-style sushi), this restaurant keeps the focus on simple, uncomplicated flavors and presentation. You’ll see and taste every morsel of their award-winning sushi without distraction — just as Chef Ishikawa intended.

Even the way each fish is cut and fanned is an art in considered expertise, maximizing the contact area with your palate for a flavor explosion. Ready for the most luxurious sushi experience of a lifetime?

Experience Michelin star Edomae sushi at Sushi Harasho!

Michelin star okonomiyaki restaurants in Osaka

Okonomiyaki is the comforting, hearty, and extremely customizable specialty of Osaka. It consists of a delicious, savory pancake that’s made from cabbage, batter, and a variety of fillings and toppings. Sounds amazing, right? Just wait until you try Osaka’s Michelin star okonomiyaki restaurants!

4. Jibundoki

Michelin star okonomiyaki, served on a pottery serving plate with a little okonomiyaki paddle for slicing.

Jibundoki is a Michelin Bib Gourmand-winning teppanyaki (grilled cuisine) restaurant with delicious Osaka-style okonomiyaki and stir-fried yakisoba noodles. Promising dishes that are as tasty as they are affordable, this restaurant is known for equally satisfying sides, like roasted potatoes with butter and mentaiko, rice cakes wrapped with grilled ham, and sauteed mountain yam and avocado with bottarga. 

They also have a creative kushiyaki (grilled or fried skewers) menu that’s sure to surprise you with a few new favorites, including pork, mushrooms, cheese and walnut, thigh meat, and scallops. 

Try a real Osaka specialty at Michelin star okonomiyaki restaurant, Jibundoki!

Michelin star tempura restaurants in Osaka

Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish that involves frying ingredients in a light, crispy batter. There’s something for all tastes and occasions, but Michelin star tempura will take these simple tastes to the next level.

5. Tempura Hanagatami

An overhead shot of a dish at a Michelin star tempura restaurant in Osaka, with rare steak, potato, asparagus and spring onion.

Tempura Hanagatami is the only part of this exclusive Ritz-Carlton restaurant to have acquired a Michelin star, so you know it has to be good. 

Alongside all the classic and traditional Japanese tempura dishes, fried in safflower oil for that sensational crunch in every bite, you’ll find more premium options on offer, like prime-grade wagyu beef with truffle salt. With counter seats that allow you to catch every second of the culinary expertise on display, this is an experience you’ll remember.

Get a taste for Michelin star tempura at Tempura Hanagatami!

6. Hiraishi

An entire fish has been deep-fried, appearing to stand up on the plate using its fins.

Hiraishi is another of Osaka’s Michelin star tempura restaurants that isn’t afraid to do things a little differently in the name of becoming the best. If you find yourself in the mood for a more luxurious tempura experience in downtown Osaka, their omakase set menu will take your taste buds on a journey through this traditional Japanese cuisine, paired with matcha-infused salt or truffle salt for a modern twist.

Plus, with hundreds of bottles of wine waiting in their cellar, you won’t have any problem pairing your tempura dishes with the most perfect wine.

Have an unforgettable evening of Michelin star tempura at Hiraishi!

7. Shunsaiten Tsuchiya

A seasonal selection of dishes served inside a wooden box, with a cherry blossom branch decoration.

Shunsaiten Tsuchiya offers a more intimate — and remarkably high-class Japanese tempura — experience, with only nine counter seats and a selection of private tatami rooms, located in the suburbs of outer Osaka.

Here, you’ll discover another mouth-watering omakase set-course menu, putting the focus on the freshest seasonal ingredients. Tantalizing tempura options may include crab, wagyu with mustard, clams with ginger and dashi, and tiger prawns, followed by a selection of light desserts — and wine and sake pairings throughout your meal, of course.

Save your seat for Michelin star tempura at Shunsaiten Tsuchiya!

Michelin star seafood and fugu restaurants in Osaka

Seafood is a must-try delicacy in Japan, and Osaka is known for its unique take, such as the iconic takoyaki street food. However, for a more exclusive experience, Osaka’s Michelin star seafood and fugu (puffer fish) restaurants are the place to go.

8. Takoyasu

The entrance to Takoyasu, a Michelin star seafood and fugu restaurant in Osaka.

Takoyasu has been delighting daring diners for over 80 years, with their restaurant’s expertise and secrets being passed down through the family. So, if you’re taking a walk on the wild side with a craving for Michelin star fugu, you’re in for a treat.

Take a seat in one of their traditional tatami rooms and experience freshly caught sashimi, warming hot pots, and skin marinated in a citrus sauce.

Note: Takoyasu only uses all-natural, fresh fugu from the East China Sea. Because of this, fugu is only served from October to April. Diners joining between May to September will be served conger eel and kelp bass instead.

Taste Michelin star seafood in Osaka at Takoyasu!

9. Yoshiko

A serving of Michelin star puffer push, served with a wedge of lime in a leaf-shaped serving tray.

They say that eating puffer fish can be dangerous, but we think the real danger is missing out on a chance to try Michelin star puffer fish in Osaka at Yoshiko. Their fugu omakase selection shows off the true flexibility of flavor, serving this fresh seafood in a variety of ways, from fugu karaage and fugu sashimi to grilled fugu shirako (milt) and stone-baked fugu.

With a mix of Western and tatami-style private dining rooms, this is one experience you can share with friends and family — before showing off all over Instagram, obviously.

Book your table for Michelin star puffer fish at Yoshiki!

Michelin star yakitori restaurants in Osaka

Yakitori (grilled chicken) is yet another Japanese classic that Osaka has taken and run with, creating Michelin star yakitori restaurants that you’re going to need to add to your travel itinerary.

10. Yakitori Ichimatsu

A chef at Yakitori Ichimatsu, making the final touches to dishes that are waiting to be served.

Yakitori Ichimatsu takes the traditional Japanese street food of yakitori and takes it to new heights. For starters, this restaurant uses only the Hinai breed of chicken for its dishes, one of the most highly rated breeds in Japan.

Each dish will be prepared in front of you, providing as much of a feast for the eyes as for the stomach — the latter of which is also guaranteed with their omakase set course of approx. 20 small dishes and skewers, featuring chicken breast sashimi, neck meat, thigh meat, fallopian tubes, and even a ricotta cheese oden cooked in chicken broth.

Inspire your next Michelin star yakitori cravings at Yakitori Ichimatsu!

11. Torisho Ishii

A bright orange yolk is hanging from a skewer, paired with some kind of grilled meat.

Torisho Ishii was awarded its Michelin star within its first year, and it’s easy to see why. Not a single detail is ignored in the creation of their high-quality yakitori, all the way down to the charcoal they use — a specific charcoal that’s imported from Wakayama Prefecture, known for its rich fragrance.

Chef and owner, Yoshitomo Ishii, didn’t stop there, either! With his unmatched skills in the yakitori scene, he’s not afraid to turn his expertise to dishes outside of grilled skewers, including exclusive, seasonal grills, side dishes, and soups.

Book your spot at Michelin star yakitori restaurant, Torisho Ishii!

Michelin star vegan and vegetarian Osaka restaurants

Osaka has food for all tastes, and that also includes Michelin star vegan and vegetarian restaurants! Everyone deserves the chance to indulge in luxurious Japanese food when they feel like splashing out.

12. Ajikitcho Horie

A selection of seasonal vegetables, seafood, and sides are served on a black tray. Behind them, another dish is served in a small bamboo cage with a purple string.

If you were worried you weren’t going to find a Michelin star vegan, vegetarian, or halal restaurant in Osaka, you needn’t have worried. Ajikitcho Horie has been in the Michelin Guide for 8 years running, offering a contemplative and contemporary take on traditional Japanese cuisine.

Passed down from father to son, Nakatani Ryusuke, now runs the show, known for delivering the same level of excellence that has come to be expected from this restaurant. Make time on your trip to Osaka for a high-class dining experience you’ll want to repeat every time you visit Japan.

Make your meal halal: The restaurant even serves a special “Muslim-friendly” set menu, with no pork or pork derivatives included. Please note that this does not mean that the restaurant is Halal certified, only that the chef assures the absence of pork products in this menu.

Have a special night at the Michelin star Osaka restaurant, Ajikitcho Horie!

Michelin star oden restaurants in Osaka

Oden (fish cakes and vegetables in broth) is everywhere in Japan during the winter, giving you a warming, customizable dish that’s already hard to resist at konbini (convenience stores), so imagine how good the Michelin star oden in Osaka is!

13. Man-u

A fresh bowl of oden in the center, surrounded by tsukemono, a side dish, and miso soup.

Man-u will make you forget that konbini oden even exists, taking this cozy Japanese home-cooking dish and making it feel way more fancy. Alongside the classic ingredients you’ll find in Man-u’s rich Japanese stews — tofu, daikon, pork, fish cakes, etc. — you’ll also find a few more exclusive options, including chewy mochi and even whale.

Their Kansai-style oden broth is also richer in flavor than the Kanto style, and with their a la carte and omakase menus you’ll discover that oden is so much more luxurious and varied than you ever thought it could be.

Savor Osaka’s Michelin star oden at Man-u!

Michelin star Italian restaurants in Osaka

Traditional Japanese food is delicious, of course, but when you want a taste of Michelin star Italian food in Osaka, you won’t go hungry! Osaka is the capital of food for a reason, you know…

14. Tom Curiosa

A delicate serving of Michelin star Italian food in Osaka. It appears to be caviar and chives.

Italian food is always delicious, and there are plenty of Italian restaurants in Osaka to choose from, but none approach the culinary creativity and curiosity of Tom Curiosa

Sit down to their exquisite set-course menu and prepare for the delights of handmade oxtail ravioli with sage butter, roast duck, beef steak, and seasonal pasta dishes. 

And remember to save room for panna cotta, gelato, and coffee to experience a true Italian dining experience.

Save your seat for Michelin star Italian food at Tom Curiosa!

Michelin star French restaurants in Osaka

When you think of Michelin star dishes and elegant presentation, do you think of France? You will when you meet these Michelin star French restaurants in Osaka, proving that there are no borders when it comes to excellent cuisine.

15. Agnel d'Or

French food, delicately served in a ringed wooden bowl, appearing almost like a butterfly.

Agnel d'Or brings all the flavors of France to Osaka, making the most of the chef and owner’s training in French Basque, Lyon, and Normandy. Minimalism is the name of the game here, from the entrance hall and dining room to the considered, sparing presentation of the dishes, showcasing the flavors and textures above all else.

Offering a lunch omakase menu of 6 courses and a dinner omakase course of 7, 8, or 9 dishes — as well as a bespoke menu to fit unique budgets or dietary restrictions — prepare to be truly spoiled by Michelin star French food you never expected to find in Osaka.

Dine at Osaka’s Michelin star French restaurant in Osaka, Agnel d’Or!

16. La Baie

A selection of French desserts on a wooden serving board. Behind them, a blooming rose and the warm glow of a lamp.

La Baie is the true picture of indulgence — housed in The Ritz-Carlton Osaka and renovated to evoke the regal opulence of imperial France, head chef, Christophe Gilbert, wows with his passion and skill for French gastronomy. 

Sophisticated dishes fill the menu, featuring duck foie gras terrine, seasonal soups, and fresh seafood, all with Gilbert’s own culinary spin. For a taste of Europe with that extra excellence, La Baie is calling your name. 

Lean into luxury at Osaka’s Michelin star French restaurant, La Baie!

Michelin star Spanish restaurants in Osaka

Osaka really has it all, including Michelin star Spanish restaurants that offer authentic Spanish dishes — perfect for those times when you want your taste buds to travel as far as you are.

17. Enye

Rare meat with a beautiful garnish, served on a white tray.

Enye is where Spanish cuisine takes the spotlight, with chef-owner, Sunada Hirotomo, bringing the authentic flavors of Madrid with him. Blurring the lines between a traditional Japanese omakase set menu and the European cuisine found in Spain, Enye is a must-go Michelin star Spanish restaurant in Osaka.

Experience Michelin star Spanish food in Osaka at Enye!

18. Personalized Michelin star Osaka restaurant experiences

With our VIP Gourmet Concierge service, craft a personalized food tour through Osaka’s Michelin star restaurants. Our team will create a bespoke itinerary that suits your needs, budget, schedule, and dietary restrictions. 

Just let us know what you’re looking for — whether it’s a Michelin star vegetarian or vegan restaurant, a Michelin star Osaka street food restaurant, Michelin star sushi in Osaka or anything in-between — and we’ll get our experts on the case.

Osaka isn’t known as the food capital of Japan for no reason. There’s truly an experience, menu, and Michelin star restaurant in Osaka for everyone. 

The culinary experiences here range from premium Japanese sushi to Osaka’s local delicacies with Michelin star okonomiyaki and yakitori, or you can try living life on the luxuriously dangerous side with an evening of fugu dishes. 

No matter what you choose, there’s a Michelin star restaurant in Osaka waiting for you.

Hungry to know more about Osaka’s food scene and culture? Discover our best Osaka food tours, must-try foods in Osaka, and the best Osaka food markets — perfect for if you’d like to try your hand at Michelin star Osaka food in your own home. Or keep the premium dishes going a little longer with our Kyoto Michelin star restaurants.

Michelin star restaurants in Osaka FAQS

How does a restaurant get a Michelin star?

When Michelin inspectors visit a restaurant with the potential to add it to the annual Michelin Guide, there are three categories of Michelin star they can award:

One star: To receive this award, a restaurant must be “a very good restaurant in this category.”

Two stars: To receive this award, a restaurant must have “excellent cooking that’s worth a detour.”

Three stars: To receive this award, a restaurant must serve “exceptional cuisine that’s worth a special journey.”

Bonus fact: There is also the “Michelin Bib Gourmand” rating, which refers to restaurants with high-quality ingredients and standards while still retaining affordable prices.

Why does Japan have so many 3 Michelin star restaurants?

Japanese restaurants are renowned for their focus on quality ingredients, artful presentation, and a sense of going above and beyond in their culinary space. This is exactly what Michelin inspectors are looking for when they go in search of restaurants worthy of the Michelin Guide.

Which city in the world has the most Michelin stars?

As of right now, Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin stars in the world, with 198 Michelin-starred restaurants. Within these 198 restaurants, the majority of these are related to Japan’s high-grade sushi scene, however, as you’ve seen from this article… it doesn’t stop there!

Just like Osaka, Tokyo has all kinds of Michelin star restaurants, including Michelin star ramen, street food, desserts and more.

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan's food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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