Pick Up A New Skill in Japan: 7 Private Cooking Classes in Osaka

By Camilla Chandra
Updated: July 9, 2024

As the third most populated city in Japan, there’s a reason why Osaka is famously dubbed as “the nation’s kitchen,” with a reputation for locals who live and breathe the concept of “kuidaore” — eat until you drop. 

The gourmet-centric culture isn’t all exaggeration, either. It’s one of the cities in Japan with the highest density of Michelin-featured restaurants and vibrant street food fares brimming with creativity: humble okonomiyaki savory pancakes segues to omakase-style kushiage deep-fried skewers; one-star yakitori grilled chicken joints feature Korean barbeques and French cuisine. 

Befittingly, Osaka people share the same love for creating good food just as much as they enjoy eating it — and luckily for you, they also want to teach others! 

Want to learn how to roll sushi, make a takoyaki and get inside tips on how to crisp up that gyoza? Look no further than Japan’s culinary hub and check out our favorite private cooking classes in Osaka, allowing you to learn new skills in an intimate atmosphere with a more personalized experience. 

7 private cooking classes in Osaka

  1. Private ramen and gyoza cooking class in an Osaka townhouse
  2. Try Osaka festival foods and make takoyaki
  3. Make vegan ramen and gyoza in this vegan cooking class
  4. Make sushi, tamagoyaki and miso soup in Osaka
  5. Craft Japanese desserts: Matcha parfait and traditional sweets
  6. Join a vegan sushi-making class with Saeko
  7. Learn to make ramen and gyoza in this Osaka cooking class

What is a private cooking class?

A chef is teaching a young woman how to make fresh soba noodles.

Rather than being limited to just one person, a private cooking class in Osaka means that the class is exclusively reserved for you and your group. This sets it apart from classes open to solo travelers, where individual bookings are accepted, but the class remains open to the public. 

Private cooking classes offer the benefit of having your teacher and chef entirely dedicated to you and your friends, ensuring focused attention and personalized progress. However, some private classes might require a minimum of two participants.

How to book a private food tour or cooking class?

A woman teaching two guests how to make food at a Japanese cooking class.

It’s easy! You simply head to our Food Experiences — either selecting all experiences or narrowing down by your chosen location — and then hit the Private Option tab. This will reveal all the private food tours and cooking classes you can join, creating a memorably intimate experience for you and your travel companions.

Then, when you’re booking, remember to tick the “make it private” box to avoid anyone else crashing your party!

Note: Some experiences will cost more as a private booking than an open booking for other guests to join.

1. Private ramen and gyoza cooking class in an Osaka townhouse

A ramen and gyoza cooking class in Japan. The host is smiling while teaching three guests.

If you've bar-hopped or strolled through the streets of Osaka, chances are you've come across casual ramen chains and cozy gyoza specialty joints. It's even more likely that you've tried both at least once. And if you’ve dreamed of recreating the Japanese ramen or frying the pork and vegetable dumplings at home, you’re in luck.

Held in a charming 90-year-old traditional townhouse in central Osaka, this is a fun 3-hour cooking class led by an English-speaking local host. You’ll start by making the soy sauce-based ramen broth and assemble the bowl with premade noodles and pork toppings. 

To complete your meal, you’ll learn to make gyoza wrappers from scratch, fill them with vegetables and pork and deep-fry them to crisp perfection. You’ll even bring home Japanese chopstick holder origami and mizuhiki (knot-tying) decorations. 

Book your private ramen and gyoza cooking class in Osaka!

2. Try Osaka festival foods and make takoyaki

A woman adding the finishing touches to takoyaki with mayo.

If you know anything about Osaka, it’s that the folks sure know how to throw a festival and be merry. In this cooking class, guests will get more acquainted with the trinity of festival foods found in almost all yatai (food stalls): karaage (fried chicken), yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) and takoyaki (octopus balls). 

The class is led by Japanese-American instructor Samurai Max, who will prepare the karaage and yakisoba and teach you how to make battered octopus balls. You’ll wrap up the experience on a sweet note with a seasonal dessert and green tea. 

Book your private yakisoba, karaage and takoyaki cooking class in Osaka!

3. Make vegan ramen and gyoza in this vegan cooking class

A vegan ramen and gyoza cooking class (though this specific ramen features a soft-boiled egg).

Vegan alternatives are still under the radar in Japan, so sometimes, when you can’t enjoy the umami-rich ramen and gyoza, you need to take matters into your own hands. This class in Osaka uses all-vegan products for the two foods usually heavy in animal-based ingredients. 

Led by Saeko — an expert food stylist and recipe developer with previous chef experience in Denmark — the class makes ramen using premade noodles and vegan toppings. You’ll then fry crispy gyoza in a pan and enjoy the meal with your host. You can also add a soft-boiled egg if you're vegetarian and want the extra protein!

But, what’s an experience without a memento? You'll also take home an English-language recipe booklet to recreate these vegan creations for your friends and family back home.

Book your vegan ramen and gyoza cooking class in Osaka!

4. Make sushi, tamagoyaki and miso soup in Osaka

A bamboo sushi-rolling mat being rolled by two hands.

In another exciting private cooking class in Osaka, join Saeko to explore the more traditional side of Japanese cuisine. After donning your apron, Saeko will expertly guide you through crafting three types of sushi: nigiri, traditional rolled sushi and the California roll. 

You'll master the art of fish cutting and assembling them on shari (sushi rice). Following that, you’ll refine the delicate technique of crafting tamagoyaki — an artful Japanese rolled omelet requiring precision in flipping. The class culminates in creating miso soup entirely from scratch, including preparing the dashi stock.

Book a private sushi, tamagoyaki and miso soup cooking class!

5. Craft Japanese desserts: Matcha parfait and traditional sweets

The table of a Japanese desserts class; guests are using the different tools and ingredients on the table.

Traditional Japanese sweets or wagashi can seem too pretty to eat, and almost too daunting to make for yourself. But, the art of making them is not at all unapproachable, and this dessert-making workshop explains why.

Strap on your apron and start by making matcha ice cream from scratch. Next comes the Japanese sweets: warabi mochi, shiratama dango and kuromitsu. After creating your dessert delights, combine the ingredients to make an Insta-worthy matcha parfait. Before it melts, sit back and enjoy your handmade Japanese desserts. 

Book a private dessert workshop in Osaka!

6. Join a vegan sushi-making class with Saeko

A vegan sushi-making class. Two guests are showing their handmade sushi to the camera.

Sushi can be surprisingly vegan-friendly with a bit of creativity. For all the vegan enthusiasts in Japan, this 3-hour sushi-making class showcases just how simple it can be. 

You'll start by making your own sushi rice and then learn to prepare three types of vegan sushi: nigiri, sushi rolls and avocado rolls. The experience concludes with a delicious soup made from your homemade dashi stock, complete with tofu.

Book this vegan sushi-making class in Osaka!

7. Learn to make ramen and gyoza in this Osaka cooking class

A family cooking class in Japan, learning to make ramen and gyoza.

Another top contender in the ramen-gyoza duo realm, this 3-hour cooking class begins by teaching you how to create mouthwatering ramen with chicken broth. You'll make everything from scratch, including chashu pork and seasoned eggs. 

Next, you'll move on to gyoza, the perfect sidekick to hearty noodles. You'll learn how to prepare gyoza wrappers and fillings before frying them to achieve the ideal crisp. 

Not a seasoned chef? Don’t worry — this class welcomes beginners, even those who have never touched a knife before.

Book this private ramen and gyoza cooking class in Osaka!

Private cooking class in Osaka FAQ

A Japanese chef wearing gloves, sprinkling sesame seeds onto sushi rolls.

What is a private cooking class in Osaka?

A private cooking class in Osaka is exclusively reserved for you and your group, instead of being open to the public. Once you book that class, other people will not be able to join. 

Do private cooking classes require a minimum number of participants?

Some private classes may require a minimum of two participants.

Where can I find private cooking classes in Osaka?

You can find various private cooking classes in Osaka on platforms like byFood, offering diverse culinary experiences from vegan sushi-making classes to ramen and gyoza workshops.

Can I request customizations for dietary restrictions or special occasions in private cooking classes? 

Yes, many private cooking classes in Osaka accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or have allergies, instructors can often tailor recipes and ingredients to suit your needs.

Do private cooking classes in Osaka accommodate beginners?

Yes! Many private cooking classes in Osaka welcome beginners, including those who have never cooked before. 

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan's food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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