Traditional Home Cooking Class in Tatami Room

from ¥ 7,000 per guest - 3.5 hours

Takoyaki Cooking Classes in Tokyo

Everyone’s favorite Japanese street food is takoyaki, those lava-hot balls of batter with the gooey, creamy center stuffed with chewy octopus pieces. Topped with your choice of sauce, mayo, and dried fish flakes, steaming takoyaki is flavorful and delicious. While it’s a staple of shopping streets and festivals across Japan, takoyaki is also fun to make at home! Join a takoyaki cooking class in Tokyo and learn to make your own takoyaki from scratch. Called tako-pa in Japanese (short for “takoyaki party”), these takoyaki making gatherings are a fun way to bring together family and friends. With just a few basic ingredients and the specialty takoyaki pan (necessary to make takoyaki with that perfectly round shape), you can master takoyaki with the help of a kind cooking instructor during these takoyaki cooking classes in Tokyo!