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Tokyo Takoyaki Cooking Classes
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Japanese Halal Food! Okonomiyaki and Soup Cooking Class

Enrich your Japanese food experience by not only eating it, but learning how to make it! Make okonomiyaki and golden soup using halal-certified ingredients and equipment, ensuring safety and comfort.
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My wife and I recently attended a halal Okonomiyaki cooking class in Japan, and it was an exceptional experience. The hosts were incredibly patient and kind, taking the time to explain the recipes in detail and answering all of our questions with enthusiasm. The selection of dishes we cooked was not only delicious but also complemented each other perfectly (Aji fish ball soup, okonomiyaki, and matcha pudding desert). What made the experience even more special was the warm and homey atmosphere of the class, which immediately put us at ease. We were grateful that the host opened her home to us, creating a welcoming environment where we could learn and cook comfortably. We were lucky to have a solo class experience. Moreover, the care and attention to communication prior to the class were outstanding and truly highlighted the host's commitment to providing excellent service. We felt well-informed and taken care of every step of the way through the multiple emails sent to update us on the cooking and the directions. Overall, this halal Okonomiyaki cooking class was a memorable and enjoyable experience. The hosts' patience, kindness, delicious dishes, and cozy atmosphere made it a fantastic opportunity to learn and immerse ourselves in Japanese cuisine. We highly recommend this cooking class to anyone looking for an authentic and enjoyable culinary experience in Japan outside of the usual restaurant hopping.
Paolo Gonzalez
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Japanese Halal Food! Okonomiyaki and Soup Cooking Class
Cooking Classes

Takoyaki Cooking Classes in Tokyo

Everyone’s favorite Japanese street food is takoyaki, those lava-hot balls of batter with the gooey, creamy center stuffed with chewy octopus pieces. Topped with your choice of sauce, mayo, and dried fish flakes, steaming takoyaki is flavorful and delicious. While it’s a staple of shopping streets and festivals across Japan, takoyaki is also fun to make at home! Join a takoyaki cooking class in Tokyo and learn to make your own takoyaki from scratch. Called tako-pa in Japanese (short for “takoyaki party”), these takoyaki making gatherings are a fun way to bring together family and friends. With just a few basic ingredients and the specialty takoyaki pan (necessary to make takoyaki with that perfectly round shape), you can master takoyaki with the help of a kind cooking instructor during these takoyaki cooking classes in Tokyo!