Japanese Curry Cooking Classes

Japanese Curry Cooking Classes
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Cooking Classes

Make it Halal! Homemade Japanese Curry and Shabu-Shabu

Learn how to create some of Japan’s favorite dishes, from the comfy Japanese curry to the festive shabu-shabu! All ingredients and equipment are halal and can be enjoyed by all!
from ¥10,000
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Choose From Several Curry Cooking Classes in Japan

A stew of vegetables like onion, potatoes, and carrot, enveloped in a thick, hearty sauce, Japanese curry is the epitome of comfort food. It’s completely different from its Indian counterpart; Japanese curry is uniquely Japanese. Slightly sweet, often with fruity notes, and very savory, Japanese curry often draped over rice or paired with udon noodles. Considered a yoshoku (Western food) dish, Japanese curry came to Japan by way of Britain. Unlike Indian curry, Japanese curry is on the sweeter side, and much less spicy. The mild spice level makes it perfect for those who can’t handle spicy dishes. During these curry cooking classes in Japan, you’ll learn how to make mouthwatering Japanese curry. Maybe you’ll top your Japanese curry with a tonkatsu pork cutlet, or maybe you’ll make the classic curry rice dish. Whatever curry cooking class in Japan you join, you’ll be sure to come away with a full, satisfied belly and a tasty new recipe to make for your family and friends back home.