Japanese Home Visit and Cooking Class in Kagoshima City

from ¥ 10,000 per guest - 3 hours

Kagoshima Cooking Classes

Located at the southern end of mainland Japan, Kagoshima’s subtropical climate (balmy all year round) is responsible for the unique local cuisine available in the region. Named after its ancient days as the Satsuma Province, local food in Kagoshima is named "Satsuma Ryori." Famous for its natural beauty, the lush landscape of Kagoshima yields high-quality local produce and regional dishes which make cooking classes in Kagoshima unique. The area’s namesake product of "Satsuma-imo" or "Satsuma sweet potatoes" are a largely featured ingredient in Kagoshima cuisine (which you can find flavoring chips, soft serve ice creams, and shochu liquor!). Meanwhile, giant daikon radishes are also famously grown in the fertile soils of Kagoshima’s resident volcano, Mount Sakurajima, alongside other specialty fruits and vegetables. More than just local produce, join a Kagoshima cooking class to learn about this regional Japanese cuisine in-depth. With insight into the quality of "kuro-buta" and "kuro-ushi" (black pork and black beef) or the secrets of Kagoshima ramen, you can learn tips and tricks about preparing local Japanese food during a Kagoshima cooking class.