Fun Online Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

from ¥ 4,000 per guest - 1 hour

Kawaii Okonomiyaki & Inari Sushi Cooking Class

from ¥ 18,000 per guest - 2 hours

Okonomiyaki Cooking Class in Tokyo

from ¥ 8,500 per guest - 2.5 hours

Traditional Home Cooking Class in Tatami Room

from ¥ 7,000 per guest - 3.5 hours

Okonomiyaki in Tokyo Cooking Class

from ¥ 8,500 per guest - 2.5 hours

Osaka Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

from ¥ 8,250 per guest - 2 hours

Okonomiyaki Cooking Classes in Tokyo

One of Japan’s most beloved foods, okonomiyaki can be found along shopping streets and traditional Japanese sit-down restaurants alike. There are two main styles of okonomiyaki: Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki and Osaka-style (also known as Kansai-style) okonomiyaki. The name of this savory pancake roughly translates to “cooked as you like it,” which refers to the versatility of the dish. With Osaka-style okonomiyaki, all the ingredients are mixed together, consisting of batter, meat or seafood, cabbage, crunchy tempura flakes, and egg. As you’ll learn in these okonomiyaki cooking classes in Tokyo, you can add whatever your heart desires, from kimchi and pork to shrimp and cheese. Meanwhile, Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is more traditional, separate layers of ingredients, starting with thin, crepe-like base, which is topped with a mountain of cabbage and stir-fried yakisoba noodles, as well as meat or seafood. Usually, it’s all topped off with a generous slather of okonomiyaki sauce and a big handful of chopped green onions. So take part in an okonomiyaki cooking class in Tokyo and get in on the fun!