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Food Tours

Shinjuku Night Adventure: Izakaya, Golden Gai, & Street Food

Venture off the beaten path with a guided tour of Shinjuku! Visit Shinjuku landmarks (Golden Gai, Omoide Yokocho, Hanzono Shrine, & Kabukicho Tower), choose between 4 unique themed izakayas, feast on izakaya foods, & make memories to last a lifetime.
from ¥65,000
With dinner
Food Tours

All-You-Can-Drink Sake Nagoya Nightlife Tour

All-you-can-drink sake and lots of fun conversation await on this causal izakaya tour in Nagoya. Enjoy snacks and drinks with new friends!
from ¥28,000
Food Tours

Nightlife and Izakaya Hopping in Gotemba

Come along on this evening tour in Gotemba, located at the base of Mt. Fuji, and discover the hidden gems of this historic town, visiting notable spots. You’ll taste regional dishes, make your own original cocktail, and enjoy the laidback atmosphere.
from ¥30,000
Food Tours

Bar Hopping in Downtown Yamagata City

Curious about Japanese drinking culture? Join this bar-hopping tour in Yamagata to experience the local specialties and novelty drinks while learning all about Japanese dining etiquette (and the faux pas to avoid).
from ¥17,000
Free drinks
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Japan is a drinker’s paradise. Between gulping down glasses of some of the best beer, sake and whisky in the world, and discovering strange new drinks you’d never even heard of before, there’s something to suit every kind of drinker out there. Bar hopping in Japan is a real boozy voyage of discovery.

The variety in alcohol is matched by the insane range of bars. In every major Japanese city you’ll find small retro standing bars from the 60s where salarymen gather for their post-shift pints, awesome craft beer bars which showcase the best of the contemporary Japanese beer scene, and refined watering holes where you can sample glass after glass of premium nihonshu delights.

You could spend a whole year hopping between all of the bars in Tokyo alone, and never go to the same place twice! If you don’t quite have that much time to spare, why not hop on a bar hopping tour in Japan to unlock the best hidden secrets these city streets have to offer?

Whether you’re looking for a chill evening soaking up the culture, or a wild night out to remember, the nightlife in Japan offers plenty to fit the bill.