Dinner: ¥6,000-7,999

Located in the sun-soaked south of Shikoku Island, Kochi is a prefecture with a slower pace of life. With breathtaking nature in the highlands and beautiful beaches on the coast, there’s plenty to love about this corner of Japan — not least the food!

The capital city of the same name is a regional hotspot for everything from traditional Japanese fine dining to mouthwatering Kochi street food. Seafood is the main draw here, as the ports bring in arguably the best tuna, sardines, and bonito in the country. You’ll find these served up with delicious Japanese citrus fruits and local noodles for some unbeatable summer flavors.

However, there are all sorts of gastronomic treats here all year round. With byFood’s range of Kochi restaurants, you have access to the cream of the crop on the local culinary scene. Once you’ve chosen the place for you, reserving your spot is as easy as just a few clicks!