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Sushi Making Class in Tokyo at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

from ¥ 24,000 per guest - 2 hours

Eat and Drink Like a Local: Nighttime Osaka Food Tour

from ¥ 10,800 per guest - 3 hours

Sushi Cooking Classes in Osaka

Learn how to make sushi in Osaka, the land of “kuidaore” (meaning “to eat yourself into bankruptcy”)! The people of Osaka definitely love their food, and it’s no wonder! With delicious local fish markets like Kuromon Market serving up some of the freshest seafood and local products, you can’t pass up an opportunity to eat in Osaka. And what better way to connect with Osaka’s local ingredients than to join a sushi cooking class in Osaka and learn to make a delicious meal with the region’s high-quality fish. During these sushi making classes in Osaka, you’ll learn various sushi-making techniques with guidance from professional sushi chefs or experienced cooking instructors. Mold perfectly portioned nigiri sushi in the palm of your hand, or get rolling with makizushi! It all starts with exquisitely delicious sushi rice, which you will learn how to season properly, and fresh ingredients! These sushi cooking lessons in Osaka are sure to be the highlight of your trip, and you’ll take home the best omiyage of all: warm memories of the time spent connecting with Japanese food culture and learning from locals.