Tojinbo Cliffs Travel Guide

Tojinbo Cliffs
These treacherous cliffs north of Fukui City make for some lovely sightseeing, on foot or by boat.

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One of the most popular natural spots in Fukui, the Tojinbo Cliffs run along the coast of the Sea of Japan. It’s thought that this rough 1km patch of coastline was formed by a volcanic eruption. Over 12 million years ago, and the effects are quite unique.

The basalt rock juts out seaward, with naturally-formed hexagonal and pentagonal pillars of stone which can only be seen into other places worldwide. Walking along the Tojinbo Cliffs can be quite arduous, with bluffs reaching 30 meters high and deep chasms with the splashing sea. In fact, it’s said that this spot got its name from that of a monk who slipped and fell from its heights.

If that story triggered your fear of heights just from reading it, then maybe you should appreciate the rugged beauty of the area by sea instead. Cruises last about half an hour and offer a totally different perspective on the towering rocks as the boat weaves its way between them.

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