Jodogahama Beach Travel Guide

Jodogahama Beach
A lovely swimming spot named after heaven itself — Jodogahama Beach is probably the best spot on the Sanriku Coast to kick back and soak up the sun.

This picturesque stretch of beach is located in the Sanriku Recovery National Park near Miyako City, a perfect place to stop and relax for those who are traveling up this marvelous stretch of the Iwate coastline. The beach is covered in white pebbles and looks out over clear waters and rocky islands.

It’s the peacefulness and beauty of these sights that gave the beach its name, which translates to “Pure Land” — a concept of Buddhism roughly analogous to heaven. In summer, when the waters are warmest, it’s certainly a heavenly place for swimmers. To accommodate them, there are good facilities including changing rooms, showers, and toilets along the beach.

Wander around a little more and you’ll find some nice walking trails, piers, viewpoints, and several museums related to the area. One is the beach’s own free museum, and the other is one dedicated to the fishing culture of the region. Jodogahama Beach is also a fantastic place to head out on the waters and explore more of the Sanriku Coast, with cruises running from here to some of the top sightseeing spots such as the Blue Cave.

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