Akiu Great Falls Travel Guide

Akiu Great Falls
One of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls on the outskirts of Sendai City, the Akiu Great Falls offer a moment of peace in the lush Akiu onsen region, famously a countryside escape with amazing local produce.
Among Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls, Akiu Otaki or Akiu Great Falls are certainly one of the most scenic spots in the greater Sendai area. Enter through a torii gate and into another world, surrounded by nature. Especially stunning when alight with autumn colors, the beautiful waterfall pours from a height of 55-meters down into the river below. Located in the Aki Onsen region, this hot spring town has enjoyed natural mineral waters free-flowing for over 1500 years, making for a luscious dip in an onsen. Another treat for nature-lovers, just across the way, the Akiu Falls Botanical Gardens celebrates the beauty of flowers, featuring a water lily pond that’s spectacular in summer. Paired with the Rairaikyo Gorge, Futakuchi Canyon, and Banjiwa Rock, the Akiu area offers a number of natural sites just waiting to be explored, only a 30-minute drive into the countryside from Sendai. After immersing yourself in tranquility of Akiu Great Falls, relax in the on-site tea house with drinks and Japanese snacks. Or, make the most of Akiu and enjoy fresh seasonal food at a farm-to-table restaurant or taste high-quality wines from the local vineyard.
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