Takachiho Gorge Travel Guide

Takachiho Gorge
A beautiful and ancient gorge which you can explore with a leisurely rowboat trip, or a hike along its towering ridges.

A day spent exploring this scenic gorge on the Gokase River is filled with discovery. Its steep basalt rock walls stretch up high on either side, with patterns on the rock faces which show the ancient tectonic movements that shaped them, and trees drooping down from the forest above.

You can choose to explore Takachiho Gorge by boat or on foot. For the first option, head to the south end to rent your rowboat, after which you can spend a leisurely time drifting up towards the impressive 17 meter-tall Minainotaki Falls. With the walls towering high above, and mist from the falls cooling the air around you, it’ll be clear why this place has long held a special place in the hearts of the people of Miyazaki.

If you prefer a bird’s eye view, then take the trail which hugs the precipice at the top of the gorge walls. The walk offers some fantastic viewpoints down to the river below and concludes at Takachiho Shrine. If visiting during summer, you’ll find the gorge lit up until 10 in the evening, casting this already magical place in an especially magical light.

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