Shirahone Onsen Travel Guide

Shirahone Onsen
A mountainous hot spring retreat with rejuvenating waters, and 600 years of history flowing through its spas.

Located within the limits of Matsumoto City, this hot spring resort is located on the eastern slopes of the Norikuradake Mountains. The waters are famous for their signature opaque appearance, caused by the rich deposits of volcanic minerals which they flow through on their way to the surface.

It’s said that these minerals have curative effects for a range of ailments. Locals will tell you that three days of bathing in these onsen mean you won’t catch a cold for the next three years. Putting the dubious scientific veracity of legends aside, what we can say for sure is that a visit to these baths is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to savor.

If you don’t plan on spending the night here, then you’ll find plenty of places which admit day-trippers like yourself. Kokyo Notenburo (550 yen entry) and Shirafuneso Shintaku Ryokan (700 yen entry) are two of the best. Those who want to stay longer have a wealth of choices of ryokan inns, many with traditional tatami rooms and private baths.

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