Miyakojima Travel Guide

The clearest waters in Okinawa will please snorkelers, the miles of white beaches will please the sunbathers, and the unique island cuisine will put a smile on any foodie’s face.

Beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches, and more beautiful beaches are what make the island of Miyakojima quintessentially Okinawan. Located around 300km south of the main island, you’ll have to fly for around an hour to get here from the capital, but the trip’s well worth it. The island boasts the most crystal-clear waters in all of Okinawa, totally unsullied by river water.

That’s why divers and snorkelers come here in droves. They’re closely followed by the beach bunnies, drawn in by the perfect sands and fantastic weather year-round. Some of the best beaches include Yonaha Maehama Beach — with its seven miles of pure white sand; Sunayama Beach, a less crowded beach with a famous rock arch; and Aragusuku Beach, one of the best spots for snorkeling on the island.

Another benefit of traveling this far from the main island is that you’ll find a distinct and delicious food culture here. The island is infamous for its signature variety of beef, and it’s delicious soba noodles. They even make silky tofu with the island’s incredibly pure seawater!

If for some reason you feel like you need a break from this particular pocket of paradise, you can just take a ride along Japan’s longest bridge, Irabu Ohashi, which runs for 3540m across the beautiful blue sea to neighboring Irabu Island.

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