Koka Ninja Village Travel Guide

Koka Ninja Village
Channel your inner ninja to clear the obstacles at this replica ninja training village (or just enjoy learning about Japan’s masters of subterfuge).

Although you’re probably familiar with these mysterious secret agents of old Japan from movies and video games, you’ll find that the truth is actually often much stranger than fiction! These stealthy samurai were employed by pretty much every savvy warlord of the bloody Sengoku period to do the dirty work which nobody else would or could.

To discover the reality of how the ninja lived and trained, places like Koka Ninja Village stand as recreations of their hidden compounds. It’s located in the forest near Koka City, once a hub of ninja training, and home to a major ninja clan.

One of the main attractions is the ninja house, filled with trapdoors and all sorts of other architectural trickery, which a guide will show you around. If you’ve always fancied yourself as something of a ninja, you’ll also get the chance to prove it here! They have a shuriken (ninja star) throwing range, and obstacle course where you can use some of the tools and techniques of the time.

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