Mount Takao Travel Guide

Mount Takao
Known for its vivid red leaves during the fall and bright green trees during the summer, Mt. Takao is the perfect escape from the busy streets of Tokyo, located just a day trip away.

Enjoy the crisp air of nature and immerse yourself in the beautiful foliage of Mt. Takao. With various hiking trails and scenic waterfalls, you will never get tired of the changing scenery. For those who enjoy taking in the outdoors without the exercise, a cable car service is available. Reach the observatory deck on top of the mountain and enjoy a breathtaking view of Tokyo, and hike even further to see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.

There are many pit stops along the way, such a Yakuoin Temple, where famous Tengu bronze statues guard the front of the place. Be sure to grab a goshuin stamp during your visit, as these are great souvenirs to mark your journey throughout Japan. Pay a visit to the cute monkeys in Monkey Park (some even answer when you call their names)! Or, stop by the botanical garden located in the park to view 500 different types of plant species.

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