Toyama City Glass Art Museum Travel Guide

Toyama City Glass Art Museum
A showcase of the very best glassmaking skills from Toyama and the world, with some surprising contemporary pieces.

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Toyama City’s most famous craft is glassmaking, and this museum is a celebration of this highly decorative art. Housed inside the new Toyama Kirari building (which was designed by the architect of Japan’s new Olympic Stadium), the museum itself is split across six levels.

The fourth floor hosts the permanent exhibition, and another highlight is the Glass Art Garden on the sixth (a collection of pieces by the artist Dale Chihuly). The first and second floors also have temporary exhibitions from world-renowned artists across the globe, so check in advance to see what will be on show during your visit.

If you’re just imagining these floors being filled with just glass dishes and jewelry, you’d be dead wrong; the museum also showcases the weird and the wonderful of glass art, with some large and bizarre contemporary pieces. If you’re craving an artistic fix during your time in Toyama, then this museum is a great place to get one which is intimately linked to the culture and history of the city.

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