Korankei Gorge Travel Guide

Korankei Gorge
Delight in the vibrant colors of Korankei Gorge during autumn in Aichi.

Autumn in Japan is a must-see. The tradition of “momiji matsuri” (fall leaf-viewing festival), is of similar importance to “hanami” (sakura blossom-viewing festival), and Korankei in Aichi Prefecture is the definitive place to enjoy the autumn leaves known as “koyo” in Japanese.

The Korankei Gorge lies in Toyota City, in the east of Nagoya, at the shores of Tomoe River close to the mountains. It is an idyllic place with more than 4,000 trees, including several species of Japanese maple trees. It is rumored that Sanei, a priest from Kojaku-ji Temple, planted the first maple trees in Korankei Gorge in 1634 in hopes of contributing to the beauty of nature. While a bit tricky to reach, it is totally worth it.

Make sure to cross and take a picture at the beautiful red Taigetsukyo Bridge before paying a visit to the Kojaku-ji Temple. And if you visit Korankei Gorge during the momiji matsuri, be sure not to miss the outstanding illuminations of the tree leaves after dark!

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