Mount Nokogiri Travel Guide

Mount Nokogiri
A multifaceted mountain playground within a day-trip’s reach from Tokyo — Nokogiri-san has views, culture, and history to spare.

Standing 329 meters high and containing some of the best sightseeing spots in Chiba, Mt. Nokogiri is a great destination for lovers of the great outdoors and culture vultures alike. The walk up to the summit isn’t the most difficult hike in the country by any means, but those who want to conserve their energy can take the scenic ropeway lift instead.

Once on the mountain proper, you’ll be able to enjoy some dramatic scenery and geology. The mountain’s name refers to a kind of traditional Japanese saw on account of its jagged rocks and jutting viewpoints.

The most famous of all these is Hell Peek Point; don’t worry, it isn't quite as horrifying as the name suggests (although if you suffer from a fear of heights, then the name might just ring true for you). From here and elsewhere on the mountain you can get fantastic views across the surrounding foothills, and see right across to Tokyo Bay.

Head to the west side of the mountain to find Nihonji Temple: an ancient cultural site with some of the most impressive statues in Japan. Temples, views, and natural splendor — at just around 70 minutes’ drive from Tokyo, Mt. Nokogiri has plenty to fill a full day of varied exploration.

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