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It’s not just about Disney and Narita Airport in Tokyo’s westward neighbor — Chiba is also a must-visit for sports, nature, agriculture, and history, giving the capital a real run for its money.
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Mawaranai Kaiten Zushi Ichiju

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Lunch: ¥1000-1999 - Dinner: ¥1000-1999

Chiba Prefecture borders Tokyo, and much like the talented but quiet kid in a high school group project, it has much of its thunder stolen by its louder and more popular neighbor. For example, despite the name, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort — composed of Disneyland and the unique, water-themed Disney Sea — are actually in Chiba! Likewise, the gateway to Japan itself, Narita Airport, is a part of Chiba too.

However, it’s not all about airplanes and cartoon mice; the prefecture benefits from having an abundance of wide-open space and over 500km of stunning natural coastline. Those who just touch down in Chiba then never give it a second thought are missing out on one of the most interesting and accessible parts of the country.

Here you can surf on the beaches chosen for the 2020 Olympic surfing competition, visit some of the country’s oldest Buddhist temples, and experience some dizzying views from the top of Mt. Nokogiri. There are plenty of culinary treats to be found here too. Chiba is where the vast majority of Japanese peanuts and strawberries are farmed. If you don’t mind working for your dinner, then you can even try your hand at digging for clams on the beach at Kisarazu City!

Close enough to be accessible from Tokyo, but with a distinct, countryside identity which makes it feel a world away, Chiba is perfect for both day trips and longer visits, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What to eat in Chiba?
One unique local dish of Chiba is “namerou” — a minced fish tartare which usually features mackerel mixed with ginger, leek, and miso paste. Another more modern invention from Chiba is “katsuura” tantanmen, which subs out the Chinese sesame paste usually used in tantan noodles for copious amounts of chili oil, with delicious onion and mincemeat added for good measure.
What are the best things to do in Chiba?
In the past few decades, this prefecture has become known as a sports playground for weekend escapees from Tokyo, with world-class Chiba golf courses and excellent surf beaches which have hosted some top-tier competitions. Culture vultures might instead want to head to Narita City for the Narita Gion Matsuri Festival.
How to Visit Tokyo Disneyland?
Accessible in just 17 minutes from Tokyo Station via the Keiyō Line, Disneyland is Chiba’s most famous landmark. Tickets can be secured on the day, but if you want to save some time and money then try reserving your tickets online through the official website. While you’re at it, check out our guide to Tokyo Disneyland food to find out more about the gastronomic offerings of Disneyland Japan.
What is Chiba famous for?
Aside from the highly developed bay area, Chiba is famous for its numerous small fishing villages, as well as beach resort towns where Tokyoites flock to in the summer months. It also has one of the oldest temples in the Japan: 1300-year-old Nihonji Tenbodai, with giant buddhas carved into the mountainside.
What to buy in Chiba?
One of Japan’s most culturally significant styles of traditional Japanese fan hails from Chiba: the “boshu uchiwa,” which is made from a bamboo frame covered in paper and painted. Typical motifs include woodblock print-inspired images of landscapes and women in traditional make-up and clothing.
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