Maruoka Castle Travel Guide

Maruoka Castle
A historic castle nestled among one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Fukui.

Peeking up over the pines and cherry blossoms in Fukui City’s central park, you’ll see the towering keep of this castle — one of the oldest in all of Japan. Although it was first built in 1576, the current structure dates back to the mid 20th century.

Although the buildings burned down one by one over the years, the myth which surrounds the castle has persisted. It earned the nickname “Mist Castle,” due to the legend that whenever attackers tried to breach the walls, a heavy mist would form to confuse and repel them.

It seems the mystical mist knows the difference between an approaching army and crowds of visitors though, as the public park which surrounds the castle is one of the most popular outdoor spots in the city. It boasts over 400 sakura trees, and a museum with assorted relics from the castle’s past.

Visit during April’s cherry blossom festival, and you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing in the park until long after dark, as hundreds of paper lanterns are hung from the trees

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